13 May

"Chinmoy, do you know what is happening?"

"No; I do not. Will you tell me?"

"X. Kamani has bolted her door from inside. She left a note outside her door saying that she will open the door only after she has realised Sri Aurobindo. Dinesh feels that she left the note yesterday morning. Since then she has not come out of her room. I spoke to the Mother about her. The Mother has asked me to inform Dinesh to break open the door with the help of some strong boys, so go and ask Mona to do what is necessary."

At this moment Dinesh came running to Nolini-da and said: "X. Kamani has come out of her room, declaring that she has totally realised Sri Aurobindo."

Amrita-da was passing by. He overheard Dinesh's report to Nolini-da and immediately said: "So, she has totally realised Sri Aurobindo. Not only totally, but also unmistakably, I must add! Dinesh, make a list of all the mad people in the Ashram and submit it to me."

Dinesh said: "Amrita-da, it is so easy. I shall head the list."

"No, I don't think you can transcend X. Kamani. You don't deserve to be the first. However, you can take second place!"

From:Sri Chinmoy,A service-flame and a service-sun, Agni Press, 1974
Sourced from https://srichinmoylibrary.com/sf