My Lord, my dear Lord, my sweet Lord,

My Lord Divine, my Lord Supreme,

How can I, even for a single day,

Love You in Your own Way,

Offer You my devotion in Your own Way


Surrender my entire earth-existence to You

In Your own Way?

"My sleeplessly and breathlessly

Dream-blossoming child,

It is not an impossible task.

It is not even a difficult task.

It is an unbelievably easy task.

My child, from today on,

Do not try to hide from Me

And live in your darkness-mind-cave-

Absurd, My child, absurd!

The entire creation, the entire universe,

Is created by Me.

I am the body


I am the Spirit of the universe.

My child, I am most affectionately,

Most blessingfully inviting you

To come and live with Me

In My Heart-Nest.

Come, My child, come!

Come play with Me and sing with Me.

Lo, My child,

Perfect is your love for Me,

Perfect is your devotion to Me,

Perfect is your surrender to Me.

Your name is now perfect perfection-sky,


My Name is perfect Satisfaction-Sun.

My child, to make the Real in you happy,

Today, tomorrow and forever and forever

I must love you in My divine Way,

The only Way.

My child, My child, My child!"

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From:Sri Chinmoy,My sweet Father-Lord, where are you?, Agni Press, 1999
Sourced from https://srichinmoylibrary.com/sfl