Sixty-one gratitude-blossoms from the world-heart-home-garden

Part I — Dedicated to President Gorbachev

Sixty-one gratitude-blossoms from the world-heart-home-garden


In self-offering running, today's world sees in you a most glorious finalist. Tomorrow's world will unmistakably find in you the supremely victorious winner.


President Gorbachev, your inner confidence-source is the director; your outer promise-course is the doer.


Your heart's willingness and your mind's cheerfulness are always early arrivals on the world-stage to guide and lead mankind to the supreme destination.


You are at once Divinity's outer encouragement and Immortality's inner confidence.


Every day God Himself teaches you how to speak perfectly the universal heart-language, and how to show lovingly the transcendental peace-sky.


Your mind is a measureless canopy of beautiful thoughts, and your heart is a measureless canopy of fruitful ideas.


To our extreme delight, your life-boat plies between your big heart and your wise mind.


Your wisdom-light is indeed a necessity-breath for the inspiration-mind, aspiration-heart and dedication-life of the entire world.


Your heart-actions are infinitely deeper than the mind-calculations of your deplorable adversaries.


No, not even your worst possible foes could do you as much harm as some of your intimate friends did. Alas, such is the experience you got from the ingratitude-world.


Out of your heart's magnanimity, you taught certain students of yours how to be great and good.

In return, the students gave the teacher two lessons that they were thoroughly conversant with: meanness and vindictiveness.

The teacher refused to accept the students' lessons.


Your compassion-depth was not heeded.

Your patience-length was not heeded.

Your nobility-heart was not heeded. But the thunder-roar of your soul will definitely be heeded before long.


We beg of you not to associate yourself again with the old and undesirable friends and acquaintances. Who knows, they may again be found among those who are deception-betrayal-incarnate.


You are well aware of the fact that people whose consciousness is rooted in the suspicious mind thrive on ferocious darkness.


Some ignorant human beings deliberately do not want to see you as you truly are: a sleeplessly radiating goodness. They only want you to fulfil the ever-rising pyramid of their expectations.


Only those who believe in world-progress can see that at every moment you are offering your heart's oneness-strength-hand.


In your country, even those who have had many complaints against you in their minds, admire you and adore you secretly in their hearts. Their hearts do know that you love your country most deeply and most self-givingly.


You are telling the entire world that the mind's warfare will eventually surrender to the heart's welfare.


Your poise-flooded presence strikes with ecstasy-thrill the hearts of those who genuinely love real freedom and real peace.


Your very name energises others to increase their inner integrity and expand their outer receptivity.


Like you, who else could have accepted defeat with dignity? Like you, who else could have accepted defeat without despair?


You taught your countrymen how to wake up from a long-cherished slumber.

You taught them how to open their eyes and look within, look around and look above.

Some of your countrymen were extremely grateful to your unimaginably good heart, while others were displeased with you for putting an end to their cherished ignorance-sleep.

Still others foolishly wanted to run faster than the fastest immediately.

Gorbachev, the awakener, lovingly and compassionately said to them: "Comrades, we are by no means ready to run the fastest.

We have just awakened.

We can and we must first walk slowly and steadily, without fear, without doubt, without suspicion and without self-abnegation."

Alas, the coach who was teaching them how to play life's vastness-oneness-reality-game became a victim of ruthless attacks.


In spite of being humiliated by those whom you taught the ABC's of democracy, kindness towards them still echoes and re-echoes in your heart.


From the Crimean experience you learned the truth that diving deep within is the only way to go beyond the tentacles of the outer world.


Your heart adds and adds to the world's inner poise; whereas there are some deplorable human beings who just add and add to the world's outer noise.


My aspiration-heart tells me that you will always remain a perfect stranger to self-confidence-crisis.


Your soul knows, your heart knows and even your mind knows that the Commonwealth-advocates are buoyed by deplorably false hopes.


Progress, fast and tangible, is what you want for your beloved country. Therefore you are asking your people, once and for all, to stop living with antique feelings and antique attitudes.


Who can deny the indisputable fact that you taught your countrymen to walk with gigantic strides in the world of democracy within a surprisingly short span of time?



In vain you begged your countrymen to study at the school of patience.

Had they listened to you, they could have, in the long run, profusely drunk nectar-delight.


Alas, your countrymen did not give you the absolutely needed time to obliterate the fears of their minds and liberate the tears of their hearts.


Alas, your countrymen did not wait to discover and breathe in the long-sought prosperity-smile of your wisdom-flooded heart-garden.


Alas, how could your countrymen forget that one confidence-smile of yours could easily carry them safely for miles and miles?


Alas, alas! You did not get sufficient time to sharpen your discrimination-sword.


Time and again you have braved the world-ingratitude-dagger.


At times you came home empty-handed. But to our extreme joy and satisfaction, you never came empty-hearted.


No matter what happens to you in your outer life, you will always bravely climb up your confidence-stairs, high, higher, highest.


Your heart-home will be the stairway to your country's satisfaction-summit.


Every day you are lengthening your heart's wisdom-flooded confidence-strides.


There are many around the globe — and I am one of those — who love you deeply, and who continued to love you deeply, even when you were, to our hearts' extreme sorrow, not appreciated in your own country.


Germany, you have offered unreservedly your gratitude-heart to President Gorbachev. Therefore, my heart, with infinite joy and admiration, bows to you.


What is your daily occupation? You plant healthy, positive dream-seeds for future perfection-satisfaction-harvest.


Constant creativity's enthusiasm-smile is what you unmistakably are.


Your life's pain-reality-tears will before long reap your inner divinity's joy-reality-smiles.


What will your heart-tears reap? They will reap a new and illumining reality far beyond the world's limits.


People will, without fail, come to realise that the promised land is inside your heart, and the promised time is inside your life.


Those who vaingloriously tell the world that perestroika is dead and buried in oblivion are totally mistaken, for perestroika is God-Immortality's own world-transformation-vision.


Your perestroika-dream will blossom into reality-ecstasy. Perestroika will definitely be the fulfilment you your victory-vows.


World-concern-saturated thoughts have found a special place inside your world-oneness-dreaming heart.


The world-sea is extremely proud of you, for you have launched a new confidence-boat.

And what is the name of that confidence-boat?

The Gorbachev Foundation. Your foundation is another name for your own determination-dynamo.


It is you who will someday happily safeguard your cherished Soviet Union, and lead it to its unparalleled goal. That red-letter day is not far off.


That you will become once again the supreme leader of your beloved country is within the grasp of certainty.


Immortality does not whisper, but thunderously declares your name.


Our beloved President Gorbachev, we offer our gratitude-hearts to you, for you are so generously sharing with us your world-perfection-dream.


Those who are now consistently unwilling to see the truth will eventually see the truth, and then, without fail, they will accept your mind's vastness-sky and your heart's oneness-home.

The Gorbachev Foundation — mankind's mind-illumination


The Gorbachev Foundation,

Mankind's mind-illumination.

The Gorbachev Foundation, Foundation,

The world-nature-transformation.

The Gorbachev Foundation, Gorbachev,

Earth-tears and Heaven-Smiles oneness-throb. ```

Irina: Sincerity-Heart, Sweetness-Smile (Bengali)


Irina Irina Irina Irina

Bajao pitar bijoyer bina

Saralata hiya madhurata hasi

Dao je sabare rashi rashi rashi ```

Irina: sincerity-heart, sweetness-smile


Irina, Irina, Irina, Irina!

You play your father's victory-violin.

Yours is a sincerity-heart.

Yours is a sweetness-smile.

To all human beings

You give them in abundant measure. ```

Part II — Sri Chinmoy's dedications of his Peace Concerts

Malta Peace Concert1

President Gorbachev, President of the Soviet Union, you are the Twentieth century's supreme Peace-Dreamer, supreme Peace-Lover, supreme Peace-Sower, supreme Peace-Grower and supreme Peace-Giver. Today's Peace Concert I am offering to your soul, devotedly and soulfully.

SGB 59. Sri Chinmoy's dedication of his Malta Peace Concert to President Gorbachev, 20 December 1991, University of Malta.

Tenerife Peace Concert2

Today's Peace Concert I am offering most soulfully to President Gorbachev, the unparalleled Peace-Leader and Peace-Lover. His message of peace is reaching the length and breadth of the world. His name will echo and re-echo forever and forever in the aspiring heart of humanity.

SGB 60. Sri Chinmoy's dedication of his Tenerife Peace Concert to President Gorbachev, 12 January 1992, Tenerife, Spain.

Japan Peace Concert3

Today's Peace Concert I am most lovingly and most gratefully dedicating to President Gorbachev, whose Perestroika-Vision-Light ended the Cold War and sowed peace-seeds inside the heart-garden of the world-home for the transformation of the human mind and the perfection of human life.

About a year ago — to be precise, 10 months and 23 days ago — President Gorbachev came to visit Japan, Beauty's Land and Duty's Hand. At a dinner in the Emperor's Palace his oneness-heart voiced forth, "Our countries and peoples are neighbours. Our ties are many centuries old. There are many historical documents testifying to the mutual attraction between the Russians and the Japanese."

At the same dinner, the unparalleled peace-lover in him also proclaimed, "Allow me also to express the wish that the presciently chosen name of the era of Your Majesty's rule, 'Heisei,' which means "achievement of universal peace," may also come true in relations between the Soviet Union and Japan."

May the morning light of Japan and the serving heart of President Gorbachev together grow and glow to accelerate the perfection-promise of humanity.

SGB 61. Sri Chinmoy's dedication of his Japan Peace Concert to President Gorbachev 10 March 1992, Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, Japan. The Japan Peace Concert was attended by over 12,000 people.

Poland Peace Concert4

Today's Peace Concert I am most lovingly and most devotedly dedicating to President Gorbachev. He is the Himalayan Freedom-Peace-Seeker, Freedom-Peace-Lover and Freedom-Peace-Giver.

On July 11, 1988, he gave a most significant speech before the Polish Parliament. I wish to quote from his most encouraging, most illumining and most fulfilling utterance:

"To conclude, please allow me from this high platform to convey my best wishes to the workers of Poland and the whole Polish people. We wish you, dear friends, tremendous success in all your activities and initiatives which are aimed at the welfare of the people of Poland and the socialist renewal of your homeland."

SGB 62. Sri Chinmoy's Dedication of his Poland Peace Concert to President Gorbachev, 21 March 1992, Palac Kultury, Warsaw, Poland.

Part III — Sri Chinmoy's letters to Raisa Maximovna Gorbachev

5 January 1992

Happy Birthday! most esteemed Sister Raisa Maximovna Gorbachev.

On this most auspicious occasion, I am praying to the Absolute Lord Supreme to grant you His choicest Blessings, Love, Joy and Satisfaction.

You are the only real Queen of the immortal Soviet Union that proudly embodies our Beloved President Gorbachev's unparalleled Hope and Promise. You are the only woman down the sweep of centuries to help her husband with the loftiest inspiration and the strongest encouragement to transform his dream-sky into his reality-sun.

To the extreme joy of the aspiring humanity, our President chose the 25th of December, (the day the Saviour Christ blessed the earth), to render his vision-flooded, historical resignation.

Our President is not dethroned. No, never! On the contrary, he is unquestionably and permanently enthroned inside the gratitude-heart-garden of the freedom-searching and peace-loving humanity.

O First Lady of the Soviet Union, I have read your book I Hope. Your book at once houses and reveals the Illumination of your radiant mind, the Aspiration of your blossomed heart and the Dedication of your self-giving life in a unique way. May we request you most fervently to enrich the Gorbachev-thirsty and Gorbachev-hungry world with many more successors of your I Hope.

Sri Chinmoy

P.S. My very best greetings of the New Year to the President and all members of your family.

Riu Bonanza Hotel

Tenerife, Spain

14 March 1992 — Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan

14 March 1992

O Queen of the Soviet Union,

My most esteemed sister Raisa Maximovna,

It was most kind of you to autograph for me your immortal book I Hope with your deep and compassionate affection. I shall treasure it inside the very depth of my gratitude-heart. My German student Petra Menge was so fortunate to have met with you and to have been able to offer you a rose, which I wanted her to give you from me. Like me, everybody must treasure your invaluable book.

I was extremely happy to meet with your dearest daughter, Irina, in New York last month. While I was talking to her, I was so clearly feeling and seeing her parents' infinite wisdom, light, compassion and sacrifice.

You are a supreme authority on art. In May there will be an art exhibit in New York of my paintings which will last for about a month. I am going to dedicate this exhibit to you. I shall be so deeply honoured and grateful if you could come and bless the exhibit just for fleeting five minutes. It will mean so much to me and to my students from all over the world.

I am praying to my Lord Supreme most fervently for your good health and for an extra supply of dynamic energy for you.

With my heart's warmest compliments and gratitude,

Sri Chinmoy

Raisa the Queen


Raisa, Raisa Maximovna!

The Queen who loves flora and fauna,

The mind that knows the Truth,

The heart that is the Ruth,

The life that serves all lives,

The soul in whom our world thrives. ```

From:Sri Chinmoy,Sixty-one gratitude-blossoms from the world-heart-home-garden, Agni Press, 1992
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