Protection offered with no fee


Raining cats and dogs!

I entered into a drug store,

enquired if umbrellas were sold.

An old lady, the owner — I am sure

she has already seen eighty summers —

with a smile, said: "Sorry, no!

No umbrella.

My umbrella you take.

I go home, no rain."

I declined her kindest offer.

She insisted.

She made at least ten sincere requests.

Finally I surrendered.

She gave me her own rain protection.

I gave her 100 yen.

She refused adamantly.

"No money.

Gift, my gift.

Go home!"

Perhaps the flow of my doleful gratitude

pierced her heart.

She changed her mind.

Smiling, she took the money from me and

gave me three beautiful handkerchiefs in


On the morrow the rain ceased.

I entered into a shop to buy a suitcase.

I saw the shop selling umbrellas, too.

Soon I came to discover

the price of umbrellas.

The one the old lady with the gold heart had

given me was worth 460 yen.

This time I prayed to God

to thank her on my behalf.

God did listen to my prayer. ```

From:Sri Chinmoy,My salutation to Japan, Vishma Press, 1973
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