The two patients

At one point my father and mother were both sick. The two patients were staying in separate rooms. Whenever the doctor came, my father would say, "I am not needed. If I die, my wife will take care of the children. But if she dies, the whole family will collapse. So please go and take care of her."

But my mother would tell the doctor, "Please go and cure him. I am insignificant." Each of them used to send the doctor to take care of the other one. Finally, my father would compel the doctor to take care of my mother first.

So many doctors worked on my mother. My father had only one or two doctors, but my mother had doctor after doctor. She was sick for a year and a half. She suffered so much!

My father lived to be 62, but my mother never reached 50. My mother died only one year after my father. This is the proof of their deep soul's connection.

From:Sri Chinmoy,My Father Shashi Kumar Ghosh: Affection-Life, Compassion-Heart, Illumination-Mind, Agni Press, 1992
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