The moustache combs

In Acapulco I went to the market with Garima and Niriha. I got a few things and also some nice brooches for people who had not come to Mexico. The man selling the brooches wanted to fool us. They were butterflies and he was saying they could fly.

At one point I saw some tiny combs. I thought they were real combs to comb your hair. Niriha gave me proper wisdom. She said they were not hair combs; they were moustache combs.

I asked, "Who has a moustache?"

Niriha said, "Rabindra."

The man was asking four dollars for the combs. I definitely wanted to buy them, but, as usual, I wanted to bargain. Sometimes the shopkeepers pay no attention to the customers. I was standing there arguing to see if he would lower the price, but the man wasn't paying any attention to me. Finally I went away without buying the combs.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Salutations, numbers 9-12, Agni Press, 1983
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