Inspirational talk at the beginning of the New Year15

O soul of the United Nations, we wish to serve you more soulfully and more devotedly, and for that what we need is more peace. Do tell us where peace is in abundant measure.

"Where is peace? Peace is in joy."

Where is joy?

"Joy? Joy is in love."

Where is love?

"Love? Love is in oneness."

Where is oneness?

"Oneness? Oneness is in vision."

Where is vision?

"Vision? Vision is in aspiration."

Where is aspiration?

"Aspiration? Aspiration is in self-giving. Aspiration is in truth-becoming, in light-becoming, in life-becoming and, finally, in God-becoming."

O soul of the United Nations, from the very dawn of this New Year, we wish to serve you more soulfully, more devotedly and more unconditionally.

SM 19. 6 January 1978

From:Sri Chinmoy,The seeker's mind, Agni Press, 1978
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