My heart

O my heart, I am divinely proud of you. You do not have the shameful and shameless disease — worry! Never do you drink the deadly venom — doubt! Nothing can be simpler than your pure longings. Nothing can be more spontaneous than your glowing feelings. Nothing can be more fulfilling than your selfless love. Nothing has a more immediate access to the Supreme than your inmost cry.

O my heart, your Heavenly day within an earthly day is for God-realisation. Your immortalising minute within a fleeting minute is for God-embodiment. Your revealing second within a vanishing second is for God-manifestation.

O my heart, the other members of the family are afraid of God. You are never! Their lightless, persistent fear is a lifeless, persistent paralysis. In life's journey, others make their own choice. God makes the choice for you. They want to save humanity with their ego's darkest night. You wish to serve humanity with your dedication's brightest day. Their victory is the victory over humanity. Your victory is the victory over yourself.

O my heart, O heart of mine, you are my life-boat. You sail the uncharted seas of ignorance and reach the Golden Shore of the Beyond.

I am not alone, O my heart. I am with your soaring aspiration. You are not alone. In you and for you is my life's unreserved breath.

Yours is the unfaltering will and unfailing faith in the Supreme. Each petal of the radiant lotus deep within you is perpetually bathed in nectar-rays of the Transcendental Delight.

O sweet, sweeter, sweetest heart of mine, you are not only God's. God also is yours.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Songs of the Soul, Herder and Herder, 1971
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