Scene 14

(Jesus and his disciples.)

JESUS: Lazarus, my dear friend, you are no more. O soul of Lazarus, to you I offer my heart's immense gratitude, for it is you who are helping me reveal the Glory of God. Martha, Mary, dear ones, I am coming to your house to revive your dead brother. Children, let us go to Judea.

DISCIPLES: Judea! What for? Have you forgotten that just the other day they wanted to stone you?

JESUS: Don't worry. I know who I am. This time they will see my light. My dear friend Lazarus died four days ago. My Father wants me to go to Lazarus and revive him.

DISCIPLES: But by this time he is buried. What can you do now?

JESUS: I can do nothing. I have done nothing. I will be able to do nothing. But my Father did, does and will do everything in and through me.

DISCIPLES: Lord, we give glory to you. You give glory to your Father. You stay with your Father. We stay with you, our Father.

JESUS: Amongst you there are still some who do not believe in me. When I revive Lazarus, their belief will grow. I am grateful to Lazarus. I am grateful to the non-believers, for they are helping me to reveal the Lord's divine Glory on earth. Come, don't delay. Let us go and bring joy to the bereaved and stricken family.

From:Sri Chinmoy,The Son, Agni Press, 1973
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