The daughter's glasses and make-up

A mother said to her daughter, "When will God give you some brains? You are so beautiful, but you would look even more beautiful if you wore glasses and make-up. Although I am a poor woman, I bought glasses and make-up for you so that you would look more beautiful and also so that your boyfriend would love you more."

The daughter answered, "First of all, when I wear glasses, I see less clearly. I don't need glasses because my vision is quite good. Also, the ones you bought don't fit.

"Secondly, my boyfriend says that when I wear glasses and make-up, at times I look more beautiful but at times I look ugly. Every day when he looks at me, he has different feelings. Some days when I wear glasses and make-up, he says I am not as beautiful as I am without them. On other days he says I am more beautiful."

The mother said, "So, what is wrong if he thinks you are more beautiful? If he feels you are more beautiful, soon you will be engaged and then you will get married. Then you will become more settled. I will be very happy if you settle down. Every day you are creating worries and anxieties for me. I want you to get married, so I will have fewer problems."

The daughter explained, "Mother, if I wear glasses and make-up and I look ugly, he does not want to look at me. If I look more beautiful, he becomes very insecure and feels that other boys will bother me. He is afraid that if other boys show interest in me, he may lose me. That is the real reason I don't wear glasses and make-up."

From:Sri Chinmoy,The sailor and the parrot, Agni Press, 1981
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