Scene 9

NARRATOR: In the course of time Surya and Chhaya had three children — also two boys and a girl. Their names were Shani, Manu and Tapti. Although they were step-brothers and step-sisters, Yama, Vaivaswatha and Yamuna became very good friends with Shani, Manu and Tapti. They were all very affectionate to each other. And although Chhaya was secretly fonder of her own children than of Sanjna’s children, she used to hide her favouritism for fear that Sanjna’s children would betray her secret.

(Chhaya is secretly offering special sweets and gifts to her three children. Enter Yama suddenly and sees her.)

YAMA (furious): You impostor! Are you like that, then? We never thought that you were so mean. You are offering sweets and gifts to your own children and not to us. You maidservant! We have kept the secret that you were our mother’s handmaid because we did not want our father to be angry with our mother, yet even then you show favouritism to your own children. You did not marry our father. To think that you act as his wife! You are not fit to be called mother by us! Had our father known that you were not his real wife he would have killed you long ago! You worthless creature! I shall kick you!

CHHAYA: Stop, Yama! Don’t you dare kick me! I curse you! You will suffer tremendous pain in your right leg, and soon you will not be able to walk on it. You will be crippled.

(Exit Yama, running.)

From:Sri Chinmoy,Supreme sacrifice, Sky Publishers, New York, 1973
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