Question: Guru, you have so many children who follow you and watch you. Many would perceive this as a tremendous burden and responsibility. As such a great man, how do you see yourself and what is it that you want to bring to us and to all your children?

Sri Chinmoy: I am a truth-seeker. I am a God-lover. I am a messenger boy. On the strength of my aspiration, I become one with my brothers and sisters here on earth. On the strength of my realisation, I become one with my soul-friends in Heaven. My friends in the higher worlds are fully conscious and aware of a most sublime truth: that we have only one Person to please and fulfil and that is our Lord Beloved Supreme. Some of my brothers and sisters on earth at times are aware of this sublime truth or, at least, they at times believe in it. Some of them are fully prepared to love God, serve God and fulfil God in His own Way. But many times my brothers and sisters on earth are not prepared to love, please and fulfil God in His own Way. My task is to be of constant service to those who are still unwilling, consciously or unconsciously, to love and serve God and to bring down the Kingdom of Heaven to earth. So I become the messenger boy. I carry earthly sufferings and tears to Heaven, and I bring Heavenly smiles down to earth. If I had to summarise my earthly activities in one single word, then I would say that that birthless and deathless word is love. Love is oneness, oneness is perfection and perfection is fulfilment. People say that I am an ambassador of peace, but that is not true; I am a student of peace. Only a student can always go on learning. Every day, every hour, every minute and every second I am learning to see, feel and become one with the new light and delight that the message of universal peace is offering to me and to humanity. I am a student of peace and I wish to remain so forever and forever, for peace is a reality that is constantly transcending its own high, higher, highest heights.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Sacred Rock welcomes Sri Chinmoy, Agni Press, 1994
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