Concentration-art is the speed-success of an artist. Concentration-art is the perfection-progress of an artist. Concentration-art is the satisfaction-smile of an artist.

Concentration expedites and strengthens art. Art marvels at and treasures concentration.

Concentration says to art: “Be not afraid of me. Be not afraid of my intensity. My intention is good. I love you. I want to help you. I want to glorify you. I want to immortalise you.”

Art says to concentration: “I am all gratitude to you. Therefore, my heart is all receptivity. You are the source of my heart’s beauty. You are the force of my life’s duty. You are the course of my soul’s journey.”

If you are a seeker-artist, then definitely you are doing your concentration-art lovingly. If you are a server-artist, then unmistakably you are doing your concentration-art devotedly. If you are a seer-artist, then soulfully you are feeling God’s illumining Love permeating your concentration-art blessingfully.

Concentration gives me determination. Determination gives me regularity. Regularity gives me confidence. Confidence gives me punctuality. Punctuality gives me the success-sound in my outer life and the progress-silence in my inner life.

Art gives me a flowing inspiration. Inspiration gives me a mounting aspiration. Aspiration gives me a glowing realisation. Realisation gives me a fulfilling manifestation. Manifestation gives me an abiding satisfaction.

Doubtless becomes my mind if I concentrate before I do my artwork. Thoughtless becomes my mind if I concentrate during my artwork. Flawless becomes my concentration-art if, at the end of my artwork, soulfully and devotedly I offer the results to my Inner Pilot, the Artist Supreme.

O artist, if your vital is afraid to concentrate, then how can you expect your art to reveal divinity within? Truth to tell, you will only cause frustration for God, the Supreme Artist, and man, the future God. O artist, if your mind is reluctant to concentrate, then how do you expect your art to establish a oneness-life with God’s Satisfaction-Heart? O artist, if your heart is hesitant to concentrate, do you not think that your soul, the God-representative on earth, will be totally disappointed in you — nay, will be unmistakably disgusted with you? For, according to your soul, you are a seeker-artist who is eventually going to become a seer-artist.

Concentration-art, meditation-art and contemplation-art. Concentration-art pierces the tenebrous ignorance-night. Meditation-art unveils the prosperous knowledge-dawn. Contemplation-art reveals the glorious wisdom-sun and satisfies God the Supreme Artist and His Unity-Vision in His Multiplicity-Manifestation.

SSC 3. Dartmouth College, 9 March 1981

From:Sri Chinmoy,Sound and silence, part 1, Agni Press, 1982
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