Question: Will there ever be a time when souls incarnate in a different way than they do now?

Sri Chinmoy: Some spiritual Masters say that in the process of evolution — it may take thousands of years or God knows how long — souls will come down directly from the subtle physical and take human form without going through the birth process. "Superman" is the word Nietzsche used, but he used it in a vital sense, whereas Sri Aurobindo used it in a divine sense.

Now we are at the mercy of death. Death can take us away at any time; while we are drinking water or reading the newspaper, we can die. Only spiritual Masters and very highly developed souls can use their conscious will to determine the moment of their death. But in the future, when souls come down directly into the physical body while remaining fully conscious, they will not be under the jurisdiction of death. Souls will be able to stay on earth to work for God and manifest God's Will as long as they want to. Then they will have greater possibilities to manifest God because death will not be able to take them away prematurely.

At that time, the body itself will be part and parcel of the soul's divinity. Now the body is lethargic and undivine. It does not listen even to the heart, let alone the soul, which is infinitely higher. Now we do not know where God is or even where our soul is. Sometimes we are aware of the heart, but we do not listen to it. But the day will come when the body, vital, mind and heart will be perfect instruments of God. At that time these members will be so spiritually developed that they will immediately understand whatever it is that God does.

Now we do not understand anything about God's Vision. It is just a matter of belief or feeling or blind faith that God is doing everything for our own good. Now it is not necessary for us to understand Him, because we love Him and have faith in Him. But a day will come when He will be able to make us immediately see and feel why He is asking us to do something. At that time the mind will not operate at all.

Now when God asks us to do something, the heart may be ready to listen, but the mind hesitates. Again, the mind is afraid that if the heart, vital and body all listen to God and the mind remains the only obstacle, then the mind will be in serious trouble. So right now the mind obeys God unwillingly. But a day will come when the mind will immediately be convinced, just like the heart, that God is telling us to do the right thing.

From:Sri Chinmoy,The soul's special promise, part 1, Agni Press, 1994
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