Bishwa Pujya Mahat Habar Asha Diye

Bishwa pujya mahat habar asha diye

Khudra chaowa purna nahi karo

Mahat ami chaina hate jeman iccha

Teman kare dharo amai dharo

Chaudike mor andha murkha ghor andhiyar

Chaudike mor kapurush ar nishwa

Sabar mukti jachi ami ami sabar

Sabai amar chirantaner bishwa


You do not fulfil my little desires

Because You want to fulfil

My longings sublime.

I do not want to be great

If You accept me as I am.

Around me all are blind and stupid.

Around me all are weak and destitute.

I long for the liberation of all souls;

I belong to all and all belong to me.

We comprise Eternity’s universe.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Supreme, I sing only for You, 1974
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