Nil Akasher Sobuj Pakhi

Nil akasher sobuj pakhi

Jabi ki bhai bal

Ekla jete bhay kare je

Sange niye chal

O pare mor ma rayechhe

E pare mor basa

Madhya khane sarba nashi

Nadi kirti nasha

Santar keta pare jabo

Teman sadhya nai

Taito ami tari mata

Ure jete chai


O green bird of the blue sky,

Tell me, will you go with me, brother?

I am afraid to go alone

To my Mother’s Home,

Which is on the other shore.

No capacity have I

To swim across the river of destruction.

Will you follow me?

Will you help me fly like you

To the other shore

Where my Eternity’s Mother is?

From:Sri Chinmoy,Supreme, teach me how to cry, 1975
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