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Silver thought-waves, part 2

A good thought

A good thought is a lightning inspiration. A good thought is a deepening aspiration. A good thought is an increasing satisfaction. A good thought is another name for a new creation.

A good thought of mine is God's perfect Satisfaction.

A good thought encourages God to have more faith in me, convinces mankind to have more faith in me, and strengthens me to have more faith in myself.

A good thought is the sunlit path to God-realisation.

My earth-activities

I respect greatness.

I love goodness.

I champion the right cause.

I listen to a pure heart.

I frighten the animal in me.

I enlighten the human in me.

I strengthen the divine in me.


The body needs guidance.

The vital needs encouragement.

The mind needs inspiration.

The heart needs aspiration.

The soul needs confidence.

God needs a gratitude-heart.

I need an unconditionally self-giving life.

My happiness

Yesterday I was happy because I faithfully followed my own star.

Today I am happy because I bravely live my own life.

Tomorrow I shall be happy because I shall unconditionally listen to and fulfil my Beloved Supreme.

From now on I will have no happiness unless I champion the right to be entirely and constantly God's, God's alone.

Here is the secret of my happiness: I keep the mouth of my little self closed and the heart of my big Self open.

O strength of mine, you have made me happy by saying that I have the capacity to move forward to the farthest destination. O weakness of mine, you have made me happy by saying that I have the opportunity to improve and become the most perfect instrument of my Beloved Supreme.

I am happy, genuinely happy, not because God is mine but because I am God's and God's alone.

An eternal traveller

An eternal traveller: indeed, this is my earthly name. An immortal observer: indeed, this is my Heavenly name.

I travel. I travel under the silence-sky. I travel inside the soundless sound.

The divine in me gets joy when I travel. The human in me gets joy when I arrive. The Supreme in me gets joy when I constantly proceed.

I travel with a sleepless heart. I travel with a breathless surprise.

When I travel, my mind is all query and my heart is all discovery.

To travel all over the world is to be aware of the universal frailties and foibles of human nature and, at the same time, to get tremendous opportunity to become more patient, more understanding and more forgiving.

My heart travels and marvels at Nature, God the Mother, prayerfully and unreservedly.


Nothing is really powerful. Therefore I do not appreciate.

Nothing is really beautiful. Therefore I do not admire.

Nothing is really meaningful. Therefore I do not learn.

Nothing is really permanent. Therefore I do not keep anything.

Nothing really pleases me. Therefore I feel that my Beloved Lord Supreme is fast approaching me.

Nothing is really going to be perfect. Therefore I do not waste my time in the imaginary perfection-world.

Nothing really increases my love of God. Therefore I do not look around. I just dive deep within and try to depend on my Beloved Lord's unconditional Compassion to increase my love for Him.


The body shamelessly

Multiplies lethargy.

The vital unscrupulously

Multiplies aggression.

The mind cleverly

Multiplies doubt.

The heart fearfully

Multiplies insecurity.

The soul soulfully

Multiplies hope.

God unconditionally

Multiplies Compassion.

The true seeker sincerely

Multiplies gratitude.

Two friends

Two loving friends:

Fear and danger.

Two daring friends:

Doubt and destruction.

Two little friends:

Insecurity and futility.

Two inseparable friends:

Love and oneness.

Two illumining friends:

A pure heart and a sure life.

Two fulfilling friends:

Progress and satisfaction.

Two eternal friends:

Man the evolving God

And God the manifesting man.


To expect is to believe in a miracle.

Expectation is another name for the desire-mind in action.

Expectation prepares our hearts and sculpts our lives.

Expectation is an imagination-boat, imagination-boatman, imagination-sea and imagination-shore. Expectation is the beginning of reality's dawn.

Expectation is the foundation of a better existence.

The human in us loves expectation. The divine in us loves dedication.

Expectation is nobody's monopoly. Even the lower than the lowest can expect to reach the highest star.


Indeed, a leader is a ladder.

Indeed, a leader is he who lifts his followers up, and not he who pushes his followers down.

A leader must know that his followers are with him precisely because he is unreservedly for them.

A leader must learn how to multiply his capacities lovingly and completely in his followers.

An illumining thought precedes the leader's vision-eye. A fulfilling action succeeds his reality-life.

A supreme leader is he who has the dreamer's eyes and the doer's hands.

A true leader's true properties are an open mind and an open heart.


Yesterday I knew how to multiply necessities. Today I know how to minimise necessities.

Yesterday necessity was my great friend. Today simplicity is my good friend.

Yesterday my desire-necessity made me the obscure man. Today my aspiration-necessity has made me the obvious angel.

God's Compassion-Height was my yesterday's necessity. God's Justice-Light is my today's necessity.

Yesterday my earth-desiring necessities appreciated God the indulgent Grandfather. Today my Heaven-longing necessities admire God the disciplinary Father.

Three wise necessities in the spiritual life: God-Compassion, God-Protection, God-Satisfaction.

Two wiser necessities: God-Protection and God-Satisfaction.

One wisest necessity: God-Satisfaction.

God's Necessity was man's divine aspiration.

God's Necessity is man's supreme realisation.

God's Necessity will be man's total and perfect Perfection.


My mind discovers the truth so that it can successfully lead the world.

My heart discovers the truth so that it can divinely grow.

Human discovery is to know unmistakably what I have.

Divine discovery is to realise happily what I can easily give.

Indeed, an inventor is a self-giver. Indeed, a discoverer is a self-seeker.

Columbus discovered America's body. I am trying to discover America's unlimited inner strength.


Relaxation is self-expansion.

Relaxation is receptivity-efficiency.

To relax is to gloriously enter into the heart-door of the Beyond.

Relaxation sings with perfection-birds and dances with satisfaction-angels.

Relaxation knows not impossibility's laughter. Relaxation knows only inevitability's smile.

When man in God relaxes, God in man immediately enhances.

Two teachers

I teach God how to starve in me. God teaches me how to serve Him in humanity.

I teach God the art of flattery so that He can direct it towards me. God teaches me the art of archery so that I can pierce the veil of ignorance.

I teach God unconditionally hundreds of ways of deception. God teaches me sleeplessly the secrets of perfection.

God tells me not to think too much. If I do so, He says, I shall unmistakably sink. I tell God that if He ever cares for a cup of inconscience-drink, then I am all ready. He can get it from me for the asking.


Dynamism dynamically enlarges the divine Vision in us.

Dynamism unreservedly pleases the Supreme Pilot in us.

Dynamism unmistakably tells man that he can easily become the architect of his destiny if he sincerely wants to.

Dynamism is a divinely inspiring gift to mankind from Above.

Hope powerfully loves dynamism.

Dynamism expedites the journey's start and shortens the journey's goal.

Dynamism is man's striking victory for the Supreme.


Sympathy is man's soulful self-expansion.

Sympathy is God's perfect satisfaction in man.

Sympathy does not walk along the narrow road of the human mind. Sympathy walks only along the broad road of the divine heart.

Sympathy is a love-flower and a oneness-fruit.

Sympathy is at once man's lighthouse and man's treasure-island.

Sympathy is the revelation of God-Heart in man.


Humility sits at God's all-illumining Feet.

Humility stands straight on man's haughty head.

Humility is the result of secret prayers and sacred meditations.

Humility is the conscious offering of the seeker's wisdom-light.

You are humble. That means you are a choice instrument of God's Love.

Humility is God's God-expansion in man.

The humility of the heart and the luminosity of the soul are inseparable.


Simplicity is greatness in goodness.

A simple life has to face very few problems.

Because you are simple, you can embody God's powerful Hope in you.

Simplicity is a very glorious discovery.

Simplicity is the fruitful birth of peace.

Simplicity is God's beauty-friend.

Simplicity soulfully reaches the vast reaches of the world.


Fear beckons danger.

Fear is self-enslavement.

Fear is the eternal loser.

Fear is helplessly founded upon stupidity.

Fear secretly travels with the mind and openly travels with the body.

Because you fear, God the Satisfaction does not hear you and God the Perfection does not near you.

If fear knows how to grow quickly, then love knows how to glow soulfully, convincingly and perfectly.


Peace is at once the quality and the quantity of God's supreme Light.

Peace is the unparalleled oneness-satisfaction.

A peaceful man is a fruitful God.

Our prayer gives us a peaceful life. Our meditation gives us a beautiful heart.

War foolishly braves. Peace instantly saves.

Oneness is the reality of peace on the canvas of time.

Peace is man's home-builder and God's gate-opener.


Self-examination: what is it? It is the purification of my body.

Self-examination: what is it? It is the intensification of the determination of my vital.

Self-examination: what is it? It is the preparation of my mind.

Self-examination: what is it? It is the consecration of my heart.

Self-examination: what is it? It is the realisation of the vision universal of my soul.

Self-examination: what is it? It is the divinisation of my nature.

Self-examination: what is it? It is the perfection of my life.

Self-examination: what is it? It is the manifestation of the Satisfaction transcendental of my Beloved Supreme.

The human in me wants to examine the world without examining itself. The human in me wants to judge the world without judging itself. The human in me wants to change the world without changing itself.

The divine in me loves the world. The divine in me cries with the world. The divine in me wants to console the world. The divine in me wants to fulfil the world.

Self-examination is another name for conscious and permanent separation from the ignorance-chain of birth and death. Self-examination has many more names: doubt-destruction, faith-invocation, surrender-perfection and gratitude-satisfaction.

Self-examination is for my immediate God-need and not for my disproportionate devil-greed.

Self-examination is the confident success-walk in my outer world. Self-examination is the transcendent progress-march in my inner world. Readiness is the secret of my success. Selflessness is the secret of my progress.

Examination, examination, examination! I examine God to see if He has Compassion-Shower, Forgiveness-Tower and Realisation-Hour for me. God examines me to see if I have a tiny flame of purity in my heart, a small grain of sincerity in my life and an atom of receptivity in my entire being.

Now let me tell you, my seeker-friends, what actually happens when I examine God and when He examines me. When God examines me, my old friend fear advises me to hide immediately and my old friend anger advises me to fight dauntlessly. When I examine God, He immediately, lovingly and unreservedly quenches my heart's thirst and immediately, compassionately and unconditionally feeds my life's hunger.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Silver thought-waves, part 2, Agni Press, 1992
Sourced from https://srichinmoylibrary.com/stw_2