Question: How can we walk faster on the spiritual path?

Sri Chinmoy: Through constant and conscious surrender of our outer and inner existence to the Will of God. The surrender of the table or chair is tamasic or inert surrender; we can drag it from here to there. That kind of surrender is not spiritual surrender. Spiritual surrender is a conscious surrender. We are consciously offering our body, vital, mind, heart, soul and all our capacities to the Supreme for His use. We are prepared to run towards the Goal, and at the same time, if God wants somebody else to run faster than us or if God wants us to run at a particular speed, we will be satisfied. At every moment if we can offer our individual will and even our aspiration to the Supreme, then our human ego is bound to be illumined. When the ego is illumined, we can and will have the feeling of our real oneness with the highest Light. When we have oneness with this Light, limitation cannot enter into us, so we can have no ego.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Two devouring brothers: doubt and ego, Agni Press, 1974
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