Question: Do lower forces come to the fore to be purified or is it just because I am unconscious?

Sri Chinmoy: When there is a divine inner urge, an inner pressure, they come to the fore for purification. Sometimes they come only to destroy. We have to be aware when the force has struck us, and when it has come to the fore for purification. We have to know whether it has come to the fore for illumination or for the destruction of the divine within us and around us. Sometimes, out of a malicious feeling, lower forces come and attack us. They don't care for illumination and we do not have the necessary capacity to illumine them. Sometimes we acquire enough capacity to illumine them. Then if they come to the fore, we illumine them instead of destroying them. The divine forces do not destroy the undivine forces, they only illumine them. When we see a radical change in a hostile force, we feel that we have destroyed it because we do not still see it in its previous form. But actually we have only transformed it. If we don't see the night but only the day, then we are apt to feel that the night has been destroyed because we don't see it any more with our outer vision. But if we know that the night has been transformed into day, then we know it as the illumination of something that once existed in a negative form. It has now been transformed into a positive form.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Transformation of the ego, Agni Press, 1977
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