Question: Will the inner music ever be heard outwardly on earth?

Sri Chinmoy: It will be heard only in deep meditation, deep contemplation. At that time, it is not the Gandharvas or the angels or celestial beings that we will hear. The real musicians have their own music in the inner worlds, and when they are in deep meditation or when they are in a very high consciousness, they hear that music. They may think the music is coming from somewhere else, from some other world, but it is their own music that they are hearing, although they are unable to offer it outwardly.

Question: Will it ever happen that they are able to offer it?

Sri Chinmoy: The inner world will always remain higher, deeper and better than the outer world. But in the process of time, as we evolve and everything evolves, music will also become better and better, and the expression of music will become far better. The things that I am unable to express today will be expressed by me at some later date, or by future generations. What is really beyond our imagination today will someday be expressed by Tom, Dick and Harry. But, unfortunately or fortunately, the inner world will also have a higher music at that time.

Always the inner world keeps one step ahead of us. And once some inner reality is expressed, we cannot say that everything that was within has been revealed, because again God creates some totally new reality which is far better than the one that has just been expressed. All His inner worlds have an infinite supply of new creations. When we grasp a little, we feel that we have got everything. But there is a difference between the inner world and the outer world.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Truth's fountain-melody, Agni Press, 1992
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