Two God-servers and man-lovers, part 2

_Mr. Robert Muller:_ Where so many humans from all over the world come together to talk to each other, to learn from each other, to heal rifts and to devise a better common destiny, isn't that the greatest place on earth? To my mind, the United Nations is no less than a miracle.

Sri Chinmoy: The United Nations is a place where humanity can talk, learn and become Humanity can talk of lasting peace, learn the secret of love and become the delight of oneness. Because of this, the United Nations is unmistakably the greatest in terms of vision-capacity which will eventually be manifested as the most fulfilling Reality-perfection and Immortality-satisfaction.

According to our limited body, curious vital, searching mind and crying heart, the United Nations is no less than a miracle. But we have one more member in our family: the soul. The soul has quite a different story to narrate. It reveals to us and tells us that there is no such thing as a miracle. Anything that is uncommon, unusual and unfamiliar in this world we call a miracle. But there are many higher planes of consciousness where these so-called miracles are common occurrences.

God the Creator and God the creation are one. We see God the creation here, there and everywhere. But we find it difficult to realise or accept God the creation so easily, not to speak of so lovingly and devotedly. When God the Creator reveals an infinitesimal iota of His Light and Power through a human life from a new realm of consciousness to which we do not have a free access, we are quite often ready to regard it, that is to say, God’s visible and tangible Compassion-Gift as a miracle. But just because God the creation is always visible and available, our ignorance-familiarity is badly wanting in appreciation-capacity. Otherwise, we would feel that God the creation is undoubtedly as much of a miracle as God the Creator.

Let us see eye to eye with our soul’s revelation that there is no such thing as a miracle. Although we are not aware of something or although something has not yet manifested on earth, it can easily happen that we may become aware of it tomorrow or it may become manifested tomorrow. So there is no need to call it a miracle, for its existence-reality has already been discovered by the highest and greatest member of our own family, the soul.

Needless to say, miracle-power does not and cannot elevate our consciousness. It is our reality’s spontaneity that can and will elevate and illumine our consciousness and fulfil unreservedly the Real in us. And what is the Real in us? The universal oneness of the Transcendental Height. Truth to tell, the soul of our dear United Nations embodies this all-loving Reality’s all-fulfilling Divinity.

With your soul’s kind permission, I am bringing this answer to the personal level. I have had the opportunity to hear a good many speeches by a good many speakers. No hyperbole, you top and far outshine the galaxy of my heroes. My searching human mind tells me that each speech of yours is nothing short of a miracle, nay, it is a miracle itself, for it at once embodies and reveals most striking depths and heights. But my flying soul-bird, which has a free access to the higher planes of reality, tells me unmistakably and shows me convincingly the actual reality which your soul so spontaneously and so beautifully reveals through your aspiration and dedication-life. If I believe in my soul and your soul, which I shall eternally do, your invaluable gifts to the United Nations and to the world at large are not miracles but a spontaneous self-offering to the Absolute Pilot Supreme on the strength of your aspiration-vision and dedication-mission.

_Mr. Robert Muller:_ The United Nations is the incredible place where human oneness is seeking itself in the endless diversity of the prodigy of life. How is it possible, then, that so few people recognise this great new blessing?

Sri Chinmoy: I fully agree with you that the United Nations is the “incredible place where human oneness is seeking itself in the endless prodigy of life.” Now, how is it possible that so few people recognise this great new blessing? Most human beings are apt to wallow in the pleasures of ignorance. For them, there is no higher reality. For them, there is no necessity for Heaven-freedom. They are totally satisfied with their earth-bound lives. Anything that is challenging, demanding, vast and high, they fail to recognise, for they are vehemently unwilling to awaken their acceptance-capacity and widen their receptivity-capacity. What they have is more than enough for them. What they do not have is not only worthless and useless, but also an object of laughter evoking mockery. These rank fools, to our extreme sorrow, are denying their own real reality, weakening their own true capacity. Finally, they are binding themselves to an extremely narrow vision, which is the precursor of utter destruction. We see the sun and can become inseparably one with its creative force, illumining reality and fulfilling divinity. This is what God-lovers and Truth-seekers do. But again, there are thousands of people on earth who do not or cannot do so. But just because they do not or cannot do so, they are in no way deprived of the sun’s benevolent light. The sun unconditionally gives its light and warmth to all those who are living on this earth planet. But the sun knows that a day shall dawn, although it may take a millennia, when each and every human being will recognise what a great blessing the sun is. They will then accept the sun lovingly and its gift gratefully. Similar is the experience that the wisdom-power of the United Nations soul, which is a great new blessing to all and sundry, will give to each and every human being that has ever trod the earth arena.

_Mr. Robert Muller:_ What can we do to open the eyes and the hearts of people?

Sri Chinmoy: What can we do to open the eyes and hearts of people? We can aspire more soulfully, dedicate our lives more devotedly and try to become unconditional instruments of God, for God alone. If we do this, then our constant and unconditional self-giving will, without fail, expedite the opening of the eyes and the hearts of people.

_Mr. Robert Muller:_ I often feel that all my speaking and writing is just a drop of water on an infertile field of blindness and disbelief. What more can we do? What would you suggest?

Sri Chinmoy: Revered brother, your speaking-world and your writing-world are not a drop of water. Far from it! They are the oceans of life-transforming light. Today’s “infertile field of blindness and disbelief” need not and cannot remain so forever, for God’s Vision of the infinite Beyond is infinitely more powerful than the man-made blindness and disbelief of a barren field of confusing unreality. What more can we do? We can try to climb up untiringly God’s Patience-Tower and watch from the highest Height and wait on the highest Height for God’s God-Hour to strike. At God’s choice Hour, the stark blindness and rank disbelief of humanity will be inundated with the ever-illumining Light and ever-immortalising Delight of Eternity’s Beyond, which is slowly, steadily and unerringly manifesting itself on our earth planet. When God’s choice Hour strikes, we two and others who are sailing in the same boat will offer tears of sleepless gratitude to our Source, our Beloved Supreme, who out of His boundless Bounty has made us His illumining Vision-seers and His fulfilling Reality-pioneers.

Editor's preface

In October, 1977, the following profound and soulful questions were submitted by Mr Robert Muller, Director and Deputy to the Under-Secretary-General for Inter-Agency Affairs and Co ordination, to Sri Chinmoy, Director of the United Nations Meditation Group. This book represents the second such interchange between these two great luminaries. A transcript of their first interchange was published in the spring of 1977 as Part One of this book.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Two God-servers and man-lovers, part 2, Agni Press, 1977
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