Silence, Silence.

Silence is the soul’s preparation.

Silence is the heart’s perfection.

Silence is the mind’s illumination.

Silence is the vital’s determination.

Silence is the body’s inspiration.

Silence, Silence.

When we are in silence, we grow.

We grow into our Divinity.

When we are of silence, we flow.

We flow into Infinity.

When we are for silence, we glow.

We glow in the heart of Immortality.


Man’s silence pleases God. God’s Silence displeases man. Man’s silence touches the very heart, the very life-breath of God’s boundless Gratitude. God’s Silence touches the mind of man’s ever-increasing ingratitude.

The outer silence endures. The inner silence cures. The outer silence is the lamb of God. The inner silence is the lion of God.

We become the lamb of God when we offer ourselves unconditionally to God’s Will, and when God unconditionally and constantly makes us feel that we are not only His chosen instruments, but also His eternal friends. Him to realise, Him to fulfil and Him to manifest on earth: for this we came into the world. When we entered into the world, God offered us His inner Promise to unveil our Reality and manifest our Divinity. And when we go back to Heaven, God shall tell us that we have played our role, we have fulfilled His Promise here on earth.

When God’s Will becomes our will, when we offer to God not only the possessions and achievements of the outer world, but also the awareness, the aspiration and the realisation of the inner world, then we become the lion of God. When we do not aspire, God in us is a sleeping lion. When we aspire, pray and meditate, God in us becomes a roaring lion. This roaring lion devours our teeming darkness and ignorance.

To see God roaring in us, roaring for our inner victory, our divine victory, we have to make a conscious effort. This conscious effort is our constant self-giving according to the Will of God. The Will of God we come to know when we feel the necessity of inner silence. We develop the power of inner silence when we see that the world without God is illusion, imagination, unreality, and that the world with God is divine Vision, fulfilling Reality and everlasting Divinity.


Silence is the seed of God in man.

Silence is the eternal traveller in us.

Silence is the ever-transcending Goal in us, with us and for us.


THN 3. Conference Room 6, 12 January 1973.

From:Sri Chinmoy,The Tears of Nation-Hearts, Agni Press, 1974
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