Vladimir Petrovsky: builder of a new heart-firmament


I humbly dedicate this volume of 65 poems to my most esteemed Brother-Friend, Mr. Vladimir Petrovsky, on the occasion of his 65th birthday on 29 April 1998.



Disarmament-champion, disarmament.

Builder of a new heart-firmament.

You see the world: a oneness-beauty-bloom.

No more mind-gloom!

No more life-doom!




The mind wants

To be fed

By God's Miracle-Showers.




The heart wants

To be fed

By God's Affection-Fountain.




The mind is never satisfied,

Even when it receives

Infinitely more

Than it expected. ```



My prayer-life

And my meditation-life

Always begin

With my gratitude-heart-tears.


/My soulful appreciations of Mr.


"We are in the same oneness-boat steering towards the same destination.

Our goal is oneness-heart and fulness-life." 23 October 1991



Yesterday I was angry with God.

Today I am angry with my anger.

My Lord tells me

That if anger is the problem

In my life,

Then the immediate solution

Is love.




My heart-nest is

Beautiful in the morning,

Sweet during the day,

Peaceful in the evening


Dreamful at night. ```



My Lord,

Where do my unfulfilled hopes go?

"My child,

I take full care of them

In My Eternity's Heart-Home."




God has a very special


To preserve

Our gratitude-heart-tears. ```



My tearful heart

Is always found

In the immediate vicinity

Of God's Compassion-Kingdom. ```



God's Forgiveness-Light

Does not remember

When it took any rest.




My Lord,

If You really love me,

Then do not allow me

Even to look at the face

Of my desire-life.




Every day my heart and I

Are learning

A new peace-song

From our Lord Supreme.


"The power of your oneness-heart enables you to mix with so many kinds of people.

God has endowed you with tremendous capacity."

4 February 1992



What is self-doubt?

Self-doubt is a monster

That destroys the beauty

Of our God-aspiration

And the fragrance

Of our God-manifestation. ```



My Lord,

I have come to Your Feet

Not for shelter,

But for Your hardest kicks

For the total transformation

Of my life. ```



I no longer belong

To my information-mind.

I belong only

To my illumination-soul. ```



My life's immense love


My heart's intense gratitude

Are inseparable friends.


"Your patience and your compassion will overcome all the odds of the world.

They will all be illumined by your infinite patience and infinite compassion.

This is my most sincere feeling." 17 March 1992



God wants

From my life

Its peerless surrender.




God never wants

From my mind

Its helpless submission.





Is terribly afraid of






Is breathlessly fond of



"No matter where you go or under whichever conditions you find yourself, you carry with you two most significant things: the message of peace and the wisdom of light.

When people are in your presence, the magnetic pull of your wisdom-light brings to the fore their own good qualities." 7 August 1992



The loving Heart

Of God

Forgives me.




The living Hand

Of God

Perfects me.




Each forward


Is a new victory.


"The United Nations is not a building.

It is not the meeting place of certain eminent people.

It is the life-breath of oneness in humanity.

Wherever you go, you are carrying the pristine beauty-light of the United Nations.

Here and there you go, carrying the life-breath of the United Nations and offering it to the suffering humanity."

7 August 1992



God replaces

The human face

With His own Heart

For the God-realised souls. ```



Early in the morning,

God the Inspiration

Comes to inspire me.




At noon,

God the Energy

Comes to energise me.




In the evening,

God the Congratulation

Comes to congratulate me.




At night,

God the Sleep

Comes to cradle me.




When I ruthlessly criticise God,

Instead of giving me

A smart slap,

He most affectionately tells me:

"My child,

Try to behave well

Next time."




My gratitude-heart-magnet


God's Compassion-Eye-Magnet

Are fondly drawn

To each other.




God tells a sincere seeker

That no uncomely thought

Must find shelter

In his God-searching mind. ```



God asks me to take

Only one step forward.

He will gladly take care of

The rest of my journey.


"To establish peace, my brother Vladimir goes from one place to another like a bird.

He produces an inner music.

This inner music is the music of love, peace and oneness." 16 February 1993



My soul's adamantine


Is the blossoming

Of a new world-dawn.


"Throughout Eternity, the soul of the world and the heart of the world will remain grateful to you because of what you are doing in a global way.

The beauty and fragrance of your heart is inundating the length and breadth of the world."

19 April 1998



Every morning

God's Heart-Home

Blessingfully invites

My aspiration-heart-beauty


My dedication-life-fragrance. ```



Unlike the outer riches,

The inner riches —

Peace, bliss, perfection

And satisfaction —

Know no limits.




The outer friendship


A fleeting beauty.




The inner friendship


An ever-blossoming lustre.




A mighty thought


The outer world.




A self-giving will


The inner world.


"Politicians come and go, but in your case, you are the politician of the heart, not the politician of the mouth.

History will bear witness to the fact that not only do you speak from the heart, but you give your heart as well.

While you are talking, the words are coming from the very depths of your heart.

Then you give your heart itself for the betterment of this planet." 19 April 1998



Each seeker

Is a volunteer

Under God's



"You may be here at one particular place, but your concern for each and every citizen of the world is being felt by the heart and soul of humanity." 19 April 1998



If you are running away

From today,

Tomorrow will never agree

To welcome you. ```



God wants us to hoist

Our goodness-heart

And not

Our greatness-mind.


"Brother, you are proving that politicians can use their heart, not just the mind.

In your life, talking has been replaced by practising — practising the feeling of oneness.

At every moment you are showing your oneness.

Your heart is the bridge between the poor and the rich, between the weak and the strong, and between the smallest countries and the largest countries.

You were born in the Soviet Union, but now the whole world claims you with utmost love, joy, pride and gratitude." 19 April 1998



God asks me

Never to ring

An unwilling mind's doorbell.




My Lord,

My only request:

Do free me

From my mind's

Enslaving freedom.





God sleeplessly loves.


God breathlessly treasures. ```



Alas, we do not realise

That death

Has its own breath.




If you want perfect satisfaction

In your life,

Then quote God's Writings

And vote only for God. ```



Loneliness is

An unreality,

For God the Heart

Is all-where. ```



A self-indulgence-life


A spirituality-heart-breath

Ends. ```



To embrace

Your anger-mind

Is to disgrace

Your aspiration-heart. ```



My desire-mind,

You have been with me

For such a long time.

Now leave me alone! ```



My aspiration-heart,

Let us declare

And enjoy

Our permanent friendship. ```



The man-written dictionary

Of the mind

Is replete with

Unaspiring, discouraging

And disheartening words.




The dictionary of the heart

Is written by

God's world-illumining Eye


His world-immortalising Heart.




The mind has so many questions.

The heart has only one:

"When will I be able

To please God

In God's own Way?"




The blossoming dawn,

The singing bird

And the dancing rainbow

Are all inviting

My crying heart to join.




What has ignorance-night

Done against us?

Ignorance-night has sealed

Our God-adoration-eyes.

Ignorance-night has sealed

Our God-listening ears. ```



I came into the world

To sing God's Glory

And not mine.

Alas, how fate can be so cruel

To me!

I have become a great member

Of the self-advertisement-committee.




My Lord,

Is it such a difficult thing

For You to take me back?




My Lord,

Is it such a difficult thing

For You to grace me

With Your Presence? ```



My Lord,

Is it such a difficult thing

For You to accept

My bleeding heart? ```



My Lord,

Is it such a difficult thing

For You to tell me

That I shall be able

To claim You as my own

Once again? ```



My Lord,

Is it such a difficult thing

For You to tell the world

That I am now

A turned-over leaf?




No matter how late I am

In attending

God's Nectar-Delight-Lecture,

My Lord Supreme

Reserves a seat for me

In His Compassion-flooded Heart. ```

Songs by Sri Chinmoy

67. Vladimir Petrovsky


Vladimir, Vladimir, Vladimir Petrovsky!

A fragrance-heart’s fondness-oneness-beauty.

Summit compassion and perfect service-light,

To soulfully transform the world’s ignorance-night. ```

68. Mira Petrovsky


Our dear sister Mira, dynamism-delight!

Oneness of compassion-depth and concern-height.

Quickly she thinks of all and gladdens all.

Her heart-home is for mankind, big and small. ```

Music by Sri Chinmoy set to words by Vladimir Petrovsky

69. We are all partners and allies


We are all partners and allies

In the struggle for survival

And progress of the human race.


70. Never before and nowhere else


Never before and nowhere else

Has such progress been achieved

In the disarmament field

As was achieved at Reykjavik. ```

71. We must not allow


We must not allow the door

To a nuclear-free future

That was opened in Reykjavik

To be slammed shut. ```

72. We cannot do without equal dignity


We cannot do without equal dignity

And equal honesty.

We cannot remove the barriers

Of confrontation without them. ```

73. This is a crucial period for mankind


This is a crucial period for mankind

In which there is an ever greater awareness

Of the need for new ways of thinking.


Preface to the first edition — Mr. Vladimir Petrovsky



of the United Nations,

Director-General of the United Nations

Office at Geneva,

Secretary-General of the Conference on Disarmament

After studying at the Institute of International Relations in Moscow, Vladimir Petrovsky joined the diplomatic service in 1957 and was sent to New York, where he worked mainly as a translator for the Permanent Mission of the USSR to the United Nations.

Mr. Petrovsky continued with his university work during this time and afterwards, publishing works on international relations such as "The Diplomacy of 10 Downing Street," "U.S. Foreign Policy Thinking, Disarmament, Concept, Problems, Mechanisms" and "Security in the Nuclear and Outer Space Era."

From 1961 to 1964, Mr. Petrovsky served with the Foreign Ministry in Moscow. He was assigned to the United Nations Secretariat in New York in 1964 and remained there until 1971. During this time he worked closely with the third Secretary-General, U Thant. Upon returning to Moscow, he rose through the ranks to become Head of the Department for International Organisations, then Deputy Foreign Minister and, finally, in 1991, First Deputy Foreign Minister under President Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev.

While holding these posts, Mr. Petrovsky participated in many international conferences, as well as in sessions of the UN General Assembly, as head of the Soviet delegation.

In 1992, Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali named Mr. Petrovsky Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs at the UN in New York. One of Mr. Petrovsky's tasks in this new post was to visit Libya as a special envoy of the Secretary-General to seek that country's co-operation for the implementation of Security Council resolutions. Another special assignment during his tenure was to represent the UN Secretary-General at the Helsinki Summit for Security and Co-operation in Europe.

In 1993, Dr. Boutros Boutros-Ghali appointed Mr. Petrovsky Director-General of the United Nations Office at Geneva. Mr. Petrovsky continues to serve in that position under the current Secretary-General, Mr. Kofi Annan. In the intervening years, Mr. Petrovsky has led numerous fact-finding missions to Libya. He is also Secretary-General of the on-going Conference on Disarmament. In Geneva, he is working closely with non-governmental organisations with a view to enhancing their participation in all areas of the UN system.

Mr. Petrovsky was born on 29 April 1933 in Volgograd, Russia.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Vladimir Petrovsky: builder of a new heart-firmament, Agni Press, 1998
Sourced from https://srichinmoylibrary.com/vp