Message from Mr. L. L. Mehrotra1

Reverend Sri Chinmoy, his devoted disciples and my brothers and sisters of America, I feel very humble at this moment. Whereas all my life and career it has been my ambition to mingle with the dust, Sri Chinmoy is trying to seek a place for me in the skies. I would therefore be one of the most ungrateful persons on the earth if I did not interrupt this programme, if only to express my gratitude. My heart is very heavy with that sentiment. I have known Sri Chinmoy as Chinmoy Ghose now for several years, and “Ghose” means resonance. Sri Chinmoy the resonant will always reverberate in our hearts with his eternal message. He brings to you a spiritual tradition which sprang up and flourished in the mountain-vastness of the Himalayas several thousands of years ago and which has been carried across the seven seas by Everest-streams and rivers. Sri Chinmoy is part and parcel of that eternal Stream. Sri Chinmoy belongs to that stream of thought and sentiment which has shown us the Light for ages. He recited a verse from the Upanishads a little while ago: Tamaso ma jyotir gamaya, “Lead me from darkness to Light"; Mrtyor ma amrtam gamaya, “Lead me from death to Immortality.” May I say that while we mortals pray for that Immortality, Sri Chinmoy is part of that Immortality.

I consider those blessed who sit in his presence and who seek his presence, and I know that even after I and you and everyone is gone, his voice and his message will be with us, for that is the Message Supreme to which I bow.

Thank you very much.

  1. VSC 3. During a concert given by Sri Chinmoy and his disciples at San Francisco State University on 27 September, the disciples sang a song Sri Chinmoy had composed in honour of L. L. Mehrotra, Consul-General of India in California. Mr. Mehrotra had been Sri Chinmoy's superior at the Indian Consulate in New York City when the Master worked there from 1964-1967. After the song, Mr. Mehrotra spontaneously offered this most special message:

From:Sri Chinmoy,The Vision-Sky of California, Agni Press, 1980
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