Desire-life and aspiration-life8

Desire-life and aspiration-life. The negation of the desire-life is not and cannot be the aspiration-life. The starvation of the desire-life is not and cannot be the aspiration-life. The extinction of the desire-life is not and cannot be the aspiration-life.

The salvation of the desire-life is indeed the aspiration-life. The illumination of the desire-life is indeed the aspiration-life. The liberation of the desire-life is indeed the aspiration-life. Our bondage needs salvation. Our darkness needs illumination. Our ignorance needs liberation.

A man of desire loves life when his teeming desires are fulfilled. But the moment his desires are not fulfilled, he dislikes life; he even goes to the length of hating life. When life fulfils him, at that time life is beautiful, fruitful and meaningful, according to him. When life does not fulfil him, life becomes his true adversary. Poor life! Life is only a field. Here in the battlefield it is the soldier that has to fight against teeming darkness, falsehood and ignorance. We cannot blame life as such for our deplorable mistakes or defeats.

A man of aspiration loves life, for he sees in life the very Presence of God and inside God he sees the presence of life. Life and love, and also life and God, are inseparable in his life of aspiration, in his life of dedication and in his life of realisation. He sees and feels life as God’s manifestation in each individual being. God the life is all responsibility. Life the God is all beauty. This realisation he treasures in the inmost recesses of his heart.

A man of aspiration also feels that there shall come a day when he will be able to establish a free access to God’s Transcendental Height and Universal Reality. He feels that he will achieve this through his prayer and meditation, and by virtue of his dedication to both his inner and outer life. And for this, what he needs is divine love, divine devotion and divine surrender.

The aspiring seeker’s love constantly expands. Thus it creates large, larger, largest receptivity inside the depths of his heart. The larger his receptivity-vessel, the greater, the higher, the more illumining and the more fulfilling the Peace, Light and Bliss it will be able to hold.

Devotion is the intensification of the seeker’s dedication to the supreme Cause. His whole life becomes an altar of intensification. Everything that he does, he does with an intensification of his dedicated, devoted, unreserved and surrendered heart.

Finally, a seeker surrenders to the dictates of his Inner Pilot. He feels that this surrender is nothing short of perfection. What he needs is perfection, both in his inner life and in his outer life. Perfection is of paramount importance, for perfection is satisfaction. So in order to achieve perfection, he surrenders his entire being to the Inner Pilot. He offers to the Inner Pilot what he has and what he is. What he has is an aspiration-cry and what he is is a dedication-life. On the strength of his aspiration-cry and his dedication-life, he feels that one day he will become inseparably one with his Inner Pilot and grow into the very image of his Pilot Supreme.

VSC 8. 1 October 1978, 2:00 p.m., San Bernardino State University, San Bernardino, California

From:Sri Chinmoy,The Vision-Sky of California, Agni Press, 1980
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