The Slippery Sidewalk

The other day I was coming back from my walk and I saw Karabi and Snigdha. They were running on the sidewalk. I greeted them and they greeted me very nicely.

On that day, the weather conditions made it dangerous to walk on the street. Since I saw these two girls running on the sidewalk, I was absolutely sure that the sidewalk was not slippery. Otherwise, how could they run? They were literally dancing when they ran. So I went about two hundred and fifty metres in the same direction, walking very confidently. Then, oh God, I lost my footing and I was about to fall down. These two girls passed the same way running only a few minutes before me and nothing happened. Then I came walking and I lost my balance!

9 February 1996

From:Sri Chinmoy,Walking-challenging-becoming, part 1, Agni Press, 2000
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