The silver ballpoints23

When I first got to Scotland, I told the disciples my stories about not having a ballpoint. I told them how bad the British are and how good the Indians are. They all felt miserable. They said, “Those people were not disciples. What can you expect from them?”

After the last concert, the British disciples performed scenes from The Son for the other disciples. They brought down the actual atmosphere of the play - even the Christ’s consciousness and Mary’s consciousness. No other performers have done it so perfectly. The director was Charana. Their costumes were also excellent. At the end of the play I appreciated them like anything.

Afterwards, Charana presented me with a set of three silver ballpoints. He said, “We have heard your ballpoint stories, so we are presenting you with these.”

Then I entered into a small room near the stage to speak with two disciples for a few minutes. When I left the room, I very nicely left the ballpoints in the room. Later I realised that I didn’t have them, but I did not remember where I had left them. I said to myself, “The ballpoint story will never end!”

Fortunately, the disciples found them. They were not supposed to go into that room, but after I left they went there to see if I had left anything. The following day they brought the ballpoints to me.

WE 23. 20 May 1982

From:Sri Chinmoy,The world-experience-tree-climber, part 1, Agni Press, 1986
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