With your kind permission, I now wish to show some of my artwork, which I did yesterday and today.

[Sri Chinmoy's students displayed some of his newly created bird drawings in black, green and red. The Master then requested the singers to perform his "Thank You" song.]

Sri Chinmoy: I am offering this "Thank You" song to the authorities of the Mongolian University of Culture and Arts. My heart of boundless gratitude I am offering to you while my students are singing the ''Thank You" song for you.

Dr Mend-Ooyo: I am very pleased to announce on my behalf and on behalf of other artists and art-lovers that we have received so much during these days from Sri Chinmoy's activities. I would like to invite the Rector of the Calligraphy Association of Mongolia, the renowned artist-calligrapher Mr. D. Battumur. He would like to present his own latest calligraphy work to Sri Chinmoy.

Mr. Battumur presented to Sri Chinmoy a large framed artwork featuring an abstract black design and vertical calligraphy.

Dr Mend-Ooyo: The name of this work is "Mountain." On this side is written,

"I Am Coming to You," the poem.

Sri Chinmoy: Your immortal poem!

Dr. Mend-Ooyo smilingly acknowledged Sri Chinmoy's appreciation with folded hands.

Sri Chinmoy [shaking hands with the artist, who in turn folded his hands]: Thank you, thank you!

Dr Mend-Ooyo: Let me spring a small surprise. I would like to express, but I do not have words to express my gratitude to Sri Chinmoy, such a renowned person, a world figure, who has accepted my invitation, a humble poet's invitation, to come to Mongolia and share his artistic works and activities. I do not have words to express my gratitude. You have given us so much through your artistic work, through your melodic music, through your poetic words, encouragement and strength to all of us, the art-lovers, the poetry-lovers. I cannot express my inner feeling, my inner gratitude for all of this.

The most appropriate way to express my gratitude to Sri Chinmoy, I believe, is with my latest book, the expression of nomadic life in a poetic way. It is called Nomadic Lyrics. I would like to present to Sri Chinmoy my book, which has just come off the printing press. The first page of the book says, "Dedicated to my brother Sri Chinmoy."

Dr. Mend-Ooyo offered his book to Sri Chinmoy with a gift, and placed a royal blue sash with an embossed mandala pattern around Sri Chinmoy's neck over the gold sash accompanying the honorary degree. Then, smiling broadly, Dr. Mend-Ooyo folded his hands, as the audience warmly applauded.

Sri Chinmoy: Thank you, my dear brother Mend-Ooyo. I am extremely, extremely grateful to you for all the good things that you have done to inspire me and to awaken my divinity to be of service to your beloved country. In many, many ways you have helped me. For that, my heart is all gratitude to you. Thank you, thank you.

From:Sri Chinmoy,World-Oneness-Heart-Song in Mongolian Life, Agni Press, 2011
Sourced from https://srichinmoylibrary.com/who