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The Wings of Light, part 10

451. Tomorrow

Tomorrow I shall get up

Early in the morning,

Since today I am dead-tired.

Tomorrow I shall meditate on God,

Since today my impure vital, jealous mind

And insecure heart

Are bothering me far beyond my


Tomorrow I shall definitely love God,

Since today I feel a kind of inner obligation

To please my body, vital, mind and heart.

After all, they comprise my own poor little life.

But tomorrow without fail

I shall love God.

452. You have to prove

You have to prove

That you are sincere.

You have to prove

That you are pure.

You have to prove

That you are real.

How can you prove

That you are sincere?

Just see everything rightly,

Feel everything timely,

And say everything soulfully.

How can you prove

That you are pure?

Just feel that your inner purity’s beauty

And your soul’s immortal duty

Are inseparable friends.

How can you prove

That you are real?

Just tell yourself today, tomorrow and every day

That you are of God alone

And you are for God alone.

453. My journey


My Heavenward journey

Is quite challenging.

My hellward journey

Is quite frightening.

My journey towards the Perfection-shore

Is quite discouraging.


My journey towards my Inner Pilot

Has always been encouraging,

most encouraging



most rewarding.

454. Needless to repeat

In my family

There are only three members:

My father, my mother and I.

Father thinks and says

He is great,

Which he actually is.

Mother feels and says

She is good,

Which she obviously is.

And I just know and declare

I am perfect,

Absolutely perfect.

Needless to repeat,

Since everyone knows it.

455. Four dinner invitations

I have received dinner invitations

From God and man,

From Heaven and earth.

Earth will feed me

With earth’s food: doubt and fear.

Heaven will feed me

With Heaven’s food: faith and courage.

Man will feed me

With man’s food: depression and frustration.

God will feed me

With God’s Food: Light and Delight.

Doubt and fear will not be able to feed me regularly;

Therefore I don’t need them.

Faith and courage may be a bit slow in feeding me,

But I shall gladly wait.

Depression and frustration will poison me

With their food.

No harm!

I know perfectly well

That I shall not remain always dead.

For I clearly see that God’s Food,

Light and Delight,

Is fast approaching my eternally real hunger.

456. They are going back

My Lord Supreme,

You say that I have made

Tremendous improvements

In various areas of my life.

You say that I am losing

Fast, very fast,

My heart’s insect-insecurity,

My mind’s elephant-doubt,

My life’s uncertainty-dream.

I know You are telling me the Truth,

My Lord Supreme.

But tell me, where are they going

After they have left me?

“Ah, My child, they are going back

Slowly and quietly

To their source: Ignorance.”

457. When I wanted to marry God

When I wanted to marry God

For His occult power,

He insulted me mercilessly

For my stark stupidity.

When I wanted to marry God

For His spiritual power,

He scolded me privately

For my absurd greed.

When I wanted to marry God

To empty my ignorance-night,

He said in public:

“I am more than eager

To marry you.”

458. A sea of smiles

Divine Lord Supreme,

How is it that You have given me

Trouble after trouble,

An endless series of troubles?

“Child, since you think and feel

That I am the only and real culprit,

Then the best thing is

For you to offer them back to Me.

I shall gladly accept them.”

Divine Lord Supreme,

How is it that I smile and smile

And have become a sea of smiles?

Who made me so?

For God’s sake, You have to tell me the truth!

“Child, for God’s sake,

I am telling you the absolute truth.

Ah, don’t you know that your divine smiles

Are the great and unchallenged contributions

Of your devoted heart and surrendered life?”

459. It is so easy

Lord Supreme,

You have given me

A smart mind, a sweet heart and

A kind-hearted soul.

How can I best use them

In my day-to-day life

And become a perfect instrument of Yours?

“Ah, it is so easy, My son.

Just ask your mind not to see

Ignorance in mankind,

Including yourself.

Just ask your heart to feel

That the hearts of others are unquestionably

As sweet as yours.

Just ask your kind-hearted soul

To show you the real Face

Of the real God.”

460. Three compliments

God has offered you

Not one, but two compliments.

His first compliment is:

You are His chosen child.

His second compliment is:

Your cry is of Him,

Your smile is for Him.

Man’s first and only compliment

To you is this:

He can perfectly live his life without you.

He is more than self-sufficient.

461. Regain and rediscover

You inherited Heaven’s property:

Conscious, constant and inseparable oneness

With the Supreme.

Alas, you have lost it.

You now inherit earth’s property:

Frustration in depression.

No curse, soon you will lose it, too.

You shall in the process of your fast-evolving fate

Inherit God’s property:


Once you achieve Perfection

You will not only regain

Your conscious oneness with the Supreme,

But also you will rediscover and unearth

Your long-buried constant and inseparable oneness

With the Supreme.

462. A great understatement

God, I just thought of You.

Let us resume our old friendship.

Let us not quarrel,

Let us not fight.

After all, we are no longer kids.

After all, once upon a time

We were not only good, but best friends.

And in the hoary past

Not only did we love each other,

But also we made tremendous sacrifices for each other.

So, God, let us resume our old friendship,

Since I cannot brook any further delay.

I am sure Your sufferings, too,

Are unbearable.

“Daughter, I loved and still love

And will always love you

Infinitely more than you have ever loved Me.

Therefore, for you to say my sufferings are unbearable

Is a great understatement.”

463. Lord I need you more

Lord, I need You more than You need me.

I love You more than You love me,

At least on the physical plane,

Or at least that is what my proud discovery is.

So Lord, don’t make a fool of Yourself

By cherishing unhealthy thoughts

That I do not care for You at all.

I do care for You, hundreds of times,

But what actually happens is this:

Sometimes my old friends,

Fear, doubt, insecurity and anxiety

Make me feel that they need me

More than I need You.

Therefore, my ever-sympathetic heart

Overflows to them with diamond-concern.

Alas, at that time I forget You,

I don’t love You and I even ignore You.

Lord, since I love You and need You

More than You love and need me,

I am bound to return to You

And to You alone, without fail.

464. I almost

I almost saw God

When I was three years old.

I almost talked to God

When I was seven years old.

I almost embraced God

When I was thirteen years old.

I almost became God

When I was thirty-three years old.

465. In my case

Everybody needs something.


In my case I need

My old friend, the Himalayan cave.

Everybody needs someone.


In my case I need

God the dream-boat Sailor.

466. Lead and follow

Sometimes I want to lead,

Sometimes I want to follow.

It entirely depends on

Whose company I am in.

If it is God, then I want to lead;

If it is man, then I want to follow.



While leading God,

If I go astray,

He will correct me and perfect me

And guide me to my destination.

While following man,

If he makes a deplorable mistake,

My pure and sympathetic heart

Will want to share half the penalty,

If not more.

467. What shall I do?

What shall I do

For the rest of my life?

I shall build and break,

And break and build.

I shall build my Lord’s Palace

In the depths of my heart.

I shall break my giant ego

Right in front of my Lord’s Palace.

I shall break the bridge

Between the Bondage-Queen

And the Ignorance-King.

I shall build the bridge

Between the compassion-sky

Of my Father Heaven

And the perfection-sea

Of my Mother Earth.

468. The difference

The difference between

Your emptiness and your Infinity is this:

Your emptiness embodies,

Your Infinity expands.

The difference between

My emptiness and my Eternity is this:

My emptiness listens,

My Eternity talks.

The difference between

His emptiness and his Immortality is this:

His emptiness welcomes the universe,

His immortality serves the universe.

469. Temptation

Man tempts him

With his world of pleasure.

God tempts him

With His sea of Delight.

He tempts man by saying

That he will give man

His future realisation.

He tempts God by saying

That he will help

In His future manifestation.

470. The heart of forgiveness

The Hand of blessing:

How far is it?

Very near.

The Eye of compassion:

Where is it?

It is in your self-giving.

The Heart of forgiveness:

What is it?

Perfect self-extension.

471. When I weep

Sometimes I wake to weep,

Sometimes I weep to wake.

My heart loves me

When I weep to wake.

My life loves me

When I wake to weep.

And I love myself

When I weep, only weep.

472. Smile, my body!

Learn, my heart, learn!

Lo, your Lord is teaching.

Unlearn, my mind, unlearn!

Lo, your Lord is commanding.

Cry, my vital, cry!

Lo, your Lord is crying

Because of your misdeeds.

Smile, my body, smile!

Lo, your Lord is smiling

Because you are sleeping no more.

473. The blossoming of my world

Lord, batter my heart

To see the face of detachment-light.

Lord, better my heart

To see the smile of oneness-might.

Lord, repair my dream-boat

To see the shore of beauty.

Lord, perfect my reality-sun

To see the blossoming of my world.

474. My teacher

My soul of light was determined.


My heart of love dared.

My heart of love dared.


My life of duty did.

But I must tell the world

How I did all this.

I did it


I had my teacher: God.

475. Where is it?

Heaven’s compassion:

Where is it?

It is inside my morning eyes.

Earth’s patience:

Where is it?

It is inside my evening heart.

God’s Perfection:

Where is it?

It is inside my undying surrender.

476. I owe God, I owe man

Do I owe God?

Yes, I do.

Do I owe man?

Yes, I do.

I owe God because

He has made me the compassion-root.

I owe man because

He has made me the aspiration-tree.

477. I behold

Quickly and thoughtlessly

An angel ascends.

I behold her beauty’s wings.

Slowly, steadily, gracefully and soulfully

An angel descends.

I behold her beauty’s light,

Offering’s might and duty’s height,

And something more:

God’s Compassion.

478. They have the power

Our desire-cave has the power

To encage God.

Our aspiration-palace has the power

To liberate God.

Our realisation-country has the power

To fulfil God.

Our perfection-universe has the power

To own God.

479. When Time came back

When Time was away

I played with man,

I danced with man,

I dined with man.

When Time came back

I remembered to think of God,

I remembered to invite God,

I remembered God’s Will.

Also, I remembered who I was:

God’s sole representative on earth.

480. Only a grain

Only a grain of faith

Can perfectly house

God, the universal Light.

Only a grain of surrender

Can shake hands with

God, the universal Power.

Only a grain of perfection

Is enough for God

To admire His Capacity in Humanity.

481. When I am conscious

When I am conscious

Of my vast and sublime inadequacy,

God feeds my soulful heart,

Heaven illumines my searching mind,

Earth fortifies my striving vital,

The devil leaves my wakeful body.

482. Why do you hide?

Lord, I seek and You hide.

I seek because without You

My life-flames do not and cannot burn.

Now Lord, tell me,

Why do You hide?

“Daughter, I hide because

My hiding intensifies your seeking.

It gratifies your loving,

Glorifies your achievement

And immortalises your enlightenment.”

483. His life was indispensable

His birth was a drop

In the sea of time.

His death shall be a drop

In the sea of time.

Yet God felt and declared

That his life was indispensable,

For he thought of God, prayed to God,

Fought for God and fulfilled God

In the battlefield of life.

484. For his private use

I have only two hands

Which I have used

Millions of times

To give and receive

While I was doing business with God on earth.

I have only two eyes

Which I have used

Millions of times

To admire and be admired

While I was playing with God

In the garden of Paradise.

I have only one heart.

I never use it,

But I always keep it clean

So that if ever God comes in,

I can offer it to Him

For His private use.

485. I wrestled

I wrestled with God

To make myself strong.

I wrestled with man

To make him strong.

I wrestled with Heaven

To capture its transcendental Beauty.

I wrestled with earth

To remind it of its long-buried duty.

486. You will be loved

Bind not!

You will be bound.

Lo, even the boundless time

Is bound by a tiny clock.


You will be loved.

Lo, even a tiny dew drop

Is loved by the morning God.

487. God's Compassion-sun

When I see my actual presence in God,

I hate myself and want to crucify myself.

How weak and feeble

My aspiration-flames are!

When I see God’s actual Presence in me,

I love myself and want to glorify myself.

How strong and powerful

God’s Compassion-sun is!

488. My life-boat and my soul-boat

O failure’s life,

Although your existence

Is grief in reality,

Yet you live so long.

O victory’s heart,

Although your existence

Is abiding reality,

Yet you seem so brief.

O failure’s life,

I need you

To make my life-boat

Strong and solid.

O victory’s heart,

I need you

To make my soul-boat

Undeniable and unmistakable.

489. Under control

Your fear is under control.


God the omnipotent Power loves you.

Your doubt is under control.


God the transcendental Light loves you.

Your impurity is under control.


God the supreme Pride loves you.

Your insecurity is under control.


God the boundless Delight loves you.

490. The truth

My imagination

Visions the Truth.

My aspiration

Nears the Truth.

My realisation

Reaches the Truth.

My perfection

Becomes the Truth.

My smile

Is the Truth.

491. Alone I live

I avoid God

When I want to lead

My animal-pleasure life.

I avoid my lower self

When I want to drink

God’s ambrosial Light.

Alone I live to dig my mortal grave,

Alone I live to quench my eternal thirst.

492. Just love and love more

No remedy for black hate?

Who says?

Just love

And love more,

That’s all.

No remedy for helpless fear?

Who says?

Just love

And love more,

That’s all.

No remedy for blind darkness?

Who says?

Just love

And love more,

That’s all.

No remedy for lengthy bondage?

Who says?

Just love

And love more,

That’s all.

493. They do not believe it

My body is ignorance.


My body does not believe it.

My vital is arrogance.


My vital does not believe it.

My mind is pretense.


My mind does not believe it.

My heart is indulgence.


My heart does not believe it.

My soul is impatience.


My soul does not believe it.

494. Leave yourself to me

Leave yourself to me, Heaven.

I shall serve you devotedly.

Leave yourself to me, earth.

I shall guide you relentlessly.

Leave yourself to me, God.

I shall please You unconditionally.

Leave yourself to me, man.

I shall glorify you unreservedly.

495. I see no difference

When I obey my heart,

I see no sovereign on earth

Save me.

When my heart obeys me,

I see no beggar on earth

Save me.

When I obey God,

I see no difference

Between God the Head

And God the Feet.

When God obeys me,

I see no difference

Between my frustration-height

And my destruction-length.

496. They belong

Rest sublime belongs to work,

And not to the worker.

Delight endless belongs to love,

And not to the lover.

Peace immense belongs to service,

And not to the server.

God Himself belongs to the search,

And not to the searcher.

497. God's Will in me

God’s Will in me

Is to sing.


I sing

Before I even pray to God.

God’s Will in me

Is to dance.


I dance

Before I even meditate on God.

God’s Will in me

Is to play.


I play

Before I even love God.

498. I just wanted to remind you


I just wanted to remind you,

Heaven’s compassion

Is an honoured guest.


I just wanted to remind you,

Earth’s patience

Is an honoured guest.


I just wanted to remind You,

You once told me

That my surrender

Is Your honoured guest.

499. I taught

I taught my soul

What to speak:

The power of love.

I taught my heart

How to speak:

Devotedly and soulfully.

I taught my life

Where to speak:

In the garden of Love-light.

500. I give

I give

My thoughts no voice.

I give

My mind no choice.

I give

My unaspiring life no nest.

I give

My aspiring life no rest.

From:Sri Chinmoy,The Wings of Light, part 10, Agni Press, 1974
Sourced from https://srichinmoylibrary.com/wl_10