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The Wings of Light, part 12

551. Difficulties

Patience is hard

To achieve.

Sympathy is hard

To offer.

Sacrifice is hard

To make.

Fear is hard

To conquer.

Doubt is hard

To transcend.

Humility is hard

To treasure.

Surrender is hard

To become.

552. Let me

O my body, since nobody loves you,

Let me love you.

O my vital, since nobody disciplines you,

Let me discipline you.

O my mind, since nobody widens you,

Let me widen you.

O my heart, since nobody inspires you,

Let me inspire you.

O my soul, since nobody fulfils you,

Let me fulfil you.

O my Goal, since nobody speaks highly of You,

Let me speak highly of you.

553. A perfect daughter

No man can ever have a daughter

Who always thinks of her father’s height.

No woman can ever have a daughter

Who always thinks of her mother’s light.

No world can ever have a daughter

Who always feels its excruciating pangs.

No truth can ever have a daughter

Who always adores its inevitable victory.

554. Let us talk about ourselves

O soul, you and I

Have come into the world

To speak of God.

Since nobody

Wants to hear us,

Let us talk

About ourselves.

O soul, I think that

Without God’s guidance

I can teach His world.

“O seeker, I think that

I can manifest God

Without your assistance.”

555. Golden mystic sun

The descending fire descends;

The ascending fire ascends.

The smile of Light

Watches their tasks divine

From across the empty space

Where the hands of ether

Salute the golden mystic sun.

556. The saint and the sinner

The saint was about to fall

When he saw not the Face of God

In the mind of darkness


In the heart of impurity.

The sinner was about to rise

When he felt the life

Of love within, without,


When he sang the song

Of life-transforming Light.

557. He knelt, he wept, he prayed

He knelt, he wept, he prayed.

He quietly knelt,

He throbbingly wept,

He unreservedly prayed.

He knelt when he discovered

That God is All-might.

He wept when he discovered

That God is All-love.

He prayed when he discovered

That God is All-giving.

558. Time, you do your own work!

Time, you do your own work!

Let me play and let me sing.

Time, you do your own work!

Let me jump and let me run.

Time, you do your own work!

Let me dive and let me fly.

And when I am tired

Of playing and singing,

Jumping and running,

Diving and flying,

I shall invite you

To offer me your wise


Without fail.

559. Suddenly

Suddenly I shall wake.

Suddenly I shall have

Flying wings.

Suddenly the sky will give me

What it has: freedom.

Suddenly I shall once more

Consciously become

What I was before:


560. Money divinely acquired

Money is the joy of the poor.

More money is the joy of the rich.

Joy is the money of the budding seeker.

More joy is the money of the blossomed seeker.

Money divinely acquired and used,

Joy divinely achieved and distributed

Can alone

Touch the very Heart

Of God.

561. What others see

On his path

What others see

Is the world of sorrow.

On his path

What others see

Is the dance of despair.

On his path

What others see

Is the hunger of destruction.


He unmistakably knows

That his path

Is the sunlit path.

562. I am tired and disappointed

I am tired.

I am tired of eyeless days


Eyeless nights.

I am disappointed.

I am disappointed

In my earth-ascending pilgrimage


God’s Heaven-descending pilgrimage.

563. For you

O Lord Supreme:

For You I see,

For You I feel,

For You I give,

For You I receive,

For You I can,

For You I become,

For You I am.

564. Let me finish!

Let me finish

My unfinished life-story!

Let me finish

If possible

By tomorrow.

Let me finish

My unfinished God-story!

Not tomorrow,

Not today,

But here and now,

Before I allow myself

To worry about God

And me.

565. If you dare


Stop me if you dare,

Smite me if you dare,

Break me if you dare.


Love me if you dare,

Build me if you dare,

Fulfil me if you dare.

566. I have much news

Faith, my faith,

Since you left

I have no news,

None at all.

Doubt, my doubt,

Since you left

I have much news.

God has come


Is staying with me.

He is even thinking of hiring me

To look after His vast creation.

567. That's all

Lord, I just don’t have the time

To think of You.

That’s all.

“Daughter, I just think of you


That’s all.”

Lord, I just forget to love You

From time to time.

That’s all.

“Daughter, I just happen to know

How to forgive you,

How to love you,

How to illumine you.

That’s all.”

568. Slave and master

Who is the slave?

Who is the master?

Ah, you don’t know?

Just learn it from me

Once and for all:

The slave is the one

Who sincerely feels he is a slave;

The master is the one

Who foolishly thinks he is a master.

569. Two paths

I loved the path of silence


My God was All-silence.

I tell you, this was the only reason.

I love the path of sound


My life is all-sound.

I tell you, this is the only reason.

570. I love you, America


You are thoughtful

I like you, America.


You are powerful

I admire you, America.


You are fruitful

I congratulate you, America.


You are soulful

I love you,

I love you,


I love you, America.

571. How impossible you are!

O self-congratulation,

How powerful you are!

O self-examination,

How weak you are!

O self-perfection,

How slow you are!

O self-degradation,

How impossible you are!

572. Let us be what we were before

Let us be really great,


That will give us joy.

Let us be divinely good,


That will give God joy.

Let us be supremely divine,


That will make us once more

What we were before:

Immortality’s Silence-sound.

573. Believe it or not

I am an angel.

Believe it or not,

I am a real angel.

Alas, nobody believes it.

I am a Yogi.

Believe it or not,

I am a real Yogi.

Alas, nobody believes it.

I am God.

Believe it or not,

I am really God.

Alas, nobody believes it.

Since nobody believes me

I shall no longer remain

An angel, a Yogi or God.

I shall go back

To my old life,

A simple and ordinary life.

574. I believe you

My Lord,

You think I could forget Your Love.


My Lord,

You think I love ignorance

More than I love You.


My Lord,

You think my love for You

Is not enough.


I believe You.

I do believe You.

575. The evolution of my possibilities


My desire-life played

With small possibilities.


My aspiration-life plays

With great possibilities.


My realisation-life shall play

Only with God-Realities.

576. His concentration

When he lies down

And concentrates,

Sleep-queen garlands him.

When he sits in his easy chair

And concentrates,

Pleasure-king garlands him.

When he eats voraciously at the dining table

And concentrates,

Death-giant embraces him.

577. Liberation-sea, perfection-sun

A divine love-life

Is the Liberation-sea,

While living with humanity.

A divine light-life

Is the Perfection-sun,

While living in humanity.

578. My companions

I am not alone.

The dead weight of centuries

Is hanging heavy

On my two small shoulders.

I am not alone.

The love-sun of God’s

birthless and deathless Life

Is smiling, singing and dancing

In the cave-light of my heart.

579. The knowledge

The knowledge of world-sorrow:


The knowledge of God-Will:


The knowledge of man-love:


The knowledge of God-love:


580. The only reality

Death, be not proud!

Who am I,

If not the Child of Immortality?

Life, be not stupid!

You and God

Each other need.

God, be not indifferent!

Your Smile is the only Reality

Of the universe.

581. Who feeds my life?

My prayer feeds

My orphan life.

My meditation feeds

My infant life.

My realisation feeds

My simple life.

My perfection feeds

My sincere life.

582. His life sings four songs

His life sings

The song of beauty.


Heaven loves him.

His life sings

The song of duty.


Earth loves him.

His life sings

The song of Divinity.


God loves him.

His life sings

The song of Immortality.


He loves himself.

583. Only one is born

Some are born

To dark suffering.

My vital friend is one of them.

Some are born

To constant delight.

My psychic friend is one of them.

Only one is born

To love and become God.

My aspiration friend is the one.

584. My Lord

Sleep, sleep,

My child-Lord, sleep.

Wake up, wake up,

My man-Lord, wake up.

Guide, guide,

My God-Lord, guide.

Fulfil, fulfil,

My Supreme-Lord, fulfil.

585. My name

I am just three minutes old.

I have no name.

I am just three days old.

I have three names:

Desire, Aspiration, Perfection.

I am just three weeks old.

I have two names:

Aspiration, Perfection.

I am three months old.

I have just one name:


Since Perfection is what I have

And what I am

I am going back to Heaven to rest.

586. He accepts

He accepts;

He accepts the sloth of his body.

He fears;

He fears the strength of his vital.

He doubts;

He doubts the discovery of his mind.

He surrenders;

He surrenders to the insecurity of his heart.

587. He lights the globe

He lights the globe

With his Love divine.

He loves the globe

With his Light divine.

He perfects the globe

With his Will supreme.

His Will supreme

Immortalises the globe.

588. I love many different Gods

When I am wrong

I love the God of Right.

When I am weak

I love the God of Might.

When I am dark

I love the God of Light.

When I am sad

I love the God of Delight.

When I am empty

I love the God of Plenty.

When I am dreaming

I love the God of Reality.

589. I forgot

O Earth, how are you this morning?

“I am fine, thank you.

Just one thing:

This morning I forgot to pray to God.”

O Heaven, how are you this morning?

“I am fine, thank you.

Just one thing:

This morning I almost forgot to love the world.”

O God, how are You this morning?

“I am fine, child, thank you.

Just one thing:

I just forgot through oversight

To perfect you,

To fulfil you

And thus

To glorify you.”

590. Not you, but I

It was not you

Who thought of God!

It was I who thought of God.

It is not you

Who love God!

It is I who love God.

It will not be you

Who will realise God!

It will be I who will realise God.

Of course, I shall share with you

All my possessions.

Since I shall share with you,

You can assist me

Secretly and unreservedly at least,

If not unconditionally.

591. Her three surprises

Goddess Supreme

Has sprung not one, not two,

But three surprises.

Her first surprise:

God claimed Her

As His best friend.

Her second surprise:

God seeks only Her advice.

Her third surprise:

God is visionless without Her.

592. O silence

O silence of my life-desert,

I love your intensity.

O silence of my life-forest,

I love your fecundity.

O silence of my life-sea,

I love your enormity.

O silence of my life-sound,

I love your immortality.

593. His incarnations

In his warrior incarnation,

God Himself supported him.

In his musician incarnation,

God Himself instructed him.

In his philosopher incarnation,

God Himself perfected him.

In his poet incarnation,

God Himself glorified him.

In his Yogi incarnation,

God Himself served Him.

594. Calamity

Calamity after calamity:

He fell in love with darkness,

He shook hands with falsehood,

He dined with bondage,

He embraced ignorance,

He became the colossal pride of Satan.

595. The collector

I collect fame,

The dust of time.

I collect pride,

The foot of time.

I collect truth,

The pride of time.

I collect love,

The life of time.

596. He is mysterious

He is a mysterious runner;

He runs while he is sleeping.

He is a mysterious singer;

He sings while he is eating.

He is a mysterious lover;

He loves while he is doubting.

He is a mysterious liberator.

He liberates while he is strangling.

597. I love his eyes

I love his dawn-eyes


They are beautiful.

I love his noon-eyes


They are powerful.

I love his eve-eyes


They are fruitful.

598. They are sick

His body is sick.


He sleeps day and night.

His vital is sick.


He is depressed day and night.

His mind is sick.


He doubts day and night.

His heart is sick.


He is jealous day and night.

599. He has not yet discovered

Do you know

What he has invented?

He has invented God.

Do you know

What he has not yet discovered?

He has not yet discovered

That love is life.

600. His treasure

God’s Beauty is his hidden treasure.

God’s Duty is his revealed treasure.

His Love of God is his only treasure.

God’s love for him is his endless treasure.

From:Sri Chinmoy,The Wings of Light, part 12, Agni Press, 1974
Sourced from https://srichinmoylibrary.com/wl_12