The Wings of Light, part 17

801. The world desperately needs


O Mother of seer-poets,

The blind world desperately needs

Your translucent light.

O Mother of hero-warriors,

The feeble world desperately needs

Your transcendental might.

O Mother of perfection-lovers,

The imperfect world desperately needs

Your silence-bound height.


802. Answer


Answer slowly

So that earth can understand you.

Answer quietly

So that Heaven can understand you.

Answer silently

So that God can perfect you.

Answer immediately

So that man can admire you. ```

803. The surrender-life



Is the infant smile.


Is the orphan cry.


Is the silence-heart.


Is the surrender-life. ```

804. O Silence-flowers


O Silence-flowers, smile;

My inner eyes are ready.

O Silence-stars, dance;

My inner heart is ready.

O Silence-sky, come;

My inner body is ready. ```

805. Lost and found


Lost human child cries;

Found human child cries.

Lost divine child looks within;

Found divine child looks without. ```

806. Sudden perfection


Sudden aspiration,

Beyond all hope.

Sudden realisation,

Beyond all calculation.

Sudden perfection,

Beyond all imagination. ```

807. Who you are


Heart, my heart,

Let me tell you who you are.

Remember once and for all.

You are God’s Dream-boat;

Something more: God’s Pride.

Life, my life,

Let me tell you who you are.

Remember once and for all.

You are God’s Reality-shore;

Something more: God’s Gratitude.


808. Freedom



Of the impure life



Of the pure life



Of the divine life



809. His is the life


His is the life

Of endless ideas.

His is the life

Of fruitless deeds.

His is the life

Of visionless soul.

His is the life

Of soulless goal. ```

810. Present yourself


O fighting thought-waves,

Calm yourself.

O illumining Volcano-will,

Arouse yourself.

O fulfilling God-Compassion,

Present yourself. ```

811. Duty's lustre, humility's heart


Beauty’s face may one day die


Duty’s lustre never shall die.

Purity’s body may one day starve


Humility’s heart never shall starve.


812. Together


Her heart and

The calmness of the midnight

Together live.

Her life and

The boldness of the midday

Together play.

Her soul and

The sweetness of the morning

Together dance.


813. Never stay away


O devouring Time,

For God’s sake,

Stay away.

O nourishing Time,

For God’s sake,

Come and shake hands with me.

O illumining Time,

For God’s sake,

Just once embrace me.

O fulfilling Time,

For God’s sake, for your sake, for my sake,

Never stay away.


814. Expect nothing


Your prayer is fearful.


Expect nothing from your prayer.

Your meditation is doubtful.


Expect nothing from your meditation.

Your love is not soulful.


Expect nothing from your love.


815. You have everything


You have everything that your Mother Divine

Wants you to have.


You need no more.

Your Mother Supreme has everything that you

Can afford to offer her.


Suffer and grieve no more. ```

816. Come in, my friends


Who is around my house?

Come in my dear friend, Inspiration.

Who is at my window?

Come in my bosom friend, Aspiration.

Who is at my door?

Come in my eternal friend, Realisation.

Who is in my living room?

Sit down my beloved friend, Perfection. ```

817. They have won


His faith delayed.


Death has won.

His love decayed.


Destruction has won.

His life overslept.


Ignorance has won.


818. Who has the power?


Who has the power to love?

My feeling heart.

Who has the power to hate?

My killing vital.

Who has the power to suspect?

My groping mind.

Who has the power to deceive?

My sleeping body. ```

819. Don't be a fool!


Don’t be a fool!

Don’t touch reason’s flag;

It will break.

Don’t be a fool!

Touch immediately faith’s banner;

It will carry you

Into Infinity’s

Reality-fulfilling Core. ```

820. Love Her, serve Her


Love the Divine Mother Supreme.

You will reach

The end of your endless Journey.

Serve the Divine Mother Supreme.

You can and you shall establish

The Kingdom of Heaven on earth.


821. Eternity's sunrise


Eternity’s sunrise,

My heart is dreaming of you.

Infinity’s shore,

My mind is thinking of you.

Immortality’s goal,

My life is adoring you. ```

822. Body's victory, soul's victory


The body’s victory

Is often

The soul’s tremendous loss.

The soul’s victory

Is always

The body’s amazing progress.


823. My eyeless, fruitless sovereignty


God has the everlasting hunger

To love me.

I have the fleeting hunger

To love myself.


I dare to disown God

When He does not fulfil my black desires,

And I declare

My eyeless, fruitless sovereignty.


824. They love our aging life


Our infancy, Heaven loves.

Our childhood, the angels love.

Our adolescence, God the Dream loves.

Our youth, God the Reality loves.

Our old age, God the Necessity loves.


825. I am chained


I am chained to Doubt.


No joy have I.

I am chained to Faith.


God-confidence have I.

I am chained to Mortal Time.


Nothing have I.


826. Be not


Be not lonely

Like the night.

Be lovely

Like the moon.

Be not expensive

Like a diamond-sun.

Be expansive

Like the Silence-light. ```

827. She gave


To the undivine

She gave her ears.

To the Divine

She gave her voice.

To man

She gave her service.

To God

She gave her light. ```

828. Nevertheless


Roses have thorns.

Nevertheless, I like roses.

The moon has spots.

Nevertheless, I love the moon.

Heaven is not all perfect.

Nevertheless, I adore Heaven.

I am not always divine.

Nevertheless, God claims me. ```

829. Three hiding places


Three are the places

Where I hide:

I hide in the night of thoughts,

I hide in the Light of silence.

I hide in the Height of God.


830. What we have


You have the power that hurts.

He has the love that heals.

I have the light that sees.

God has the Compassion that feels. ```

831. I think God has already reached me


I saw below my desire-life

My own image.

I see above my aspiration-life

God’s own Blaze.

I thought I could reach God

With my own efforts.

I think God has already reached me

With His unconditional Grace. ```

832. Don't be angry with me


God, don’t be angry with me.

I love Your earth-body

More than Your Heaven-soul.

“Son, don’t be angry with Me.

I love your snow-white efforts

More than your blue-gold crown.”


833. You want me to love you only


Life, I shall love death as well,

For God lives inside the heart

Of death, too.

Death, I shall love life as well,

Since God Himself

Is so fond of life.

Death, you want me to love you only,

But I am hopelessly helpless.

What can I do?


834. Four prayers


The tree prays:

O Lord Supreme, see my height.

The branch prays:

O Lord Supreme, eat my life-fruit.

The flower prays:

O Lord Supreme, appreciate my beauty.

The root prays:

O Lord Supreme, bless my duty. ```

835. Twice I enjoy my life


Twice I enjoy my life:

I enjoy my life

When I stand


My man-ascent


My God-descent.

I enjoy my life

When my heart cries with the finite


My soul smiles with the Infinite.


836. Success shall be yours



You are surrounded

By desire-life,

You can be detached.


Measureless is your doubt-life,

You can be freed.

Just try!

Success shall be yours,


God is all yours.


837. Ready


Her beauty is ready

Only for Angel’s eyes.

Her life is ready

Only for God’s Heart.

Her soul is ready

Only for humanity’s body. ```

838. Don't mix with them


Heart, my heart,

What has made you so dry?

I advise you,

Don’t mix with your mind.

Mind, my mind,

What has made you so aggressive?

I advise you,

Don’t mix with your vital.

Vital, my vital,

What has made you so lethargic?

I advise you,

Don’t mix with your body.

Body, my body,

What has made you so sleepy?

I advise you,

Don’t mix with your death. ```

839. I feel so sorry for you


Heart, my heart,

I feel so sorry for you.

You are staying with imprisoned flames.

Life, my life,

I feel so sorry for you.

You are staying in your mind’s tiny cave.

Soul, my soul,

I feel so sorry for you.

Your God-manifestation is still a far cry.


840. Not you


Your fear is dead

And not you.

Your doubt is dead

And not you.

Your jealousy is dead

And not you.

Your insecurity is dead

And not you.

Your ignorance is dead

And not you.

Your puny “I” is dead

And not your giant “I”,

The Universal “I”,

The Transcendental Lord. ```

841. Remain beyond


O my animal life,

Remain within good.

O my human life,

Remain beyond evil.

O my divine life,

Remain beyond both

Good and evil.


842. Their offerings


My body thinks of me

And offers me a flood of tears.

My vital thinks of me

And offers me a night of fears.

My mind thinks of me

And offers me a sea of confusion.

My heart thinks of me

And offers me a dying flame of insecurity. ```

843. The abode of infinity


Freedom is infinite

In the firmament.

Love is infinite

In the moon.

Light is infinite

In the sun.

God is infinite

Inside my flower-heart. ```

844. Before Light


Before Light

His courage-lion quails.

Before Night

His fear-cat glows.

Before God

His perfection-sun trembles.

Before Satan

His bondage-life triumphs. ```

845. In his own way


His life is spiritual

At the time of serious crisis.

His surrender is unconditional

At the time of unavoidable death.

Yet God loves him.

Indeed, he too loves God,


In his own way. ```

846. Now I can retire


I saw my God crying

In my play’s penultimate scene.

I saw my God smiling

In my play’s ultimate scene.

And now I can retire

Into the mind of my Nothingness


Into the heart of my Infinity’s Eternity. ```

847. What I do


What I do:

I sow the seeds

Of higher life;

I kill the trees

Of lower life.

What else I do:

I build the kingdom

Of brighter life;

I destroy the home

Of darker souls.


848. Smiles and tears


A spark of my smile

Satisfies my God.

A drop of my tears

Manifests my God.


Death’s endless smiles,

His endless tears,

Please me not,

Fulfil me not.

Alas, alas! ```

849. Heart, soul, goal


Heart, my heart,

Forever stay alive, forever.

Soul, my soul,

Forward march, forward!

Goal, my goal,

I am within your compassion,

I am for your manifestation.


850. Beauty


Outer beauty

Feeds the greedy eyes.

Inner beauty

Feeds the needy eyes.

Soul’s beauty

Elevates the weeping eyes.

God’s Beauty

Illumines the searching eyes. ```

From:Sri Chinmoy,The Wings of Light, part 17, Agni Press, 1974
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