The Wings of Light, part 2

51. My desire, aspiration and realisation


My desire says

Although God is good

I do not need Him

Right now.

My aspiration says

Since God is good

I wish to see Him

As soon as possible.

My realisation says

Since God is good

I shall always remain

With Him. ```

52. Death does not shorten


Death does not shorten,


Awakens life.

Truth does not destroy,


Enlightens life.

Love does not question,


Immortalises life.


53. In Heaven, on earth


In Heaven

When I stumbled

God came, stood beside me


Lifted me up compassionately and gently.

On earth

When God starved

I came, stood beside Him


Fed Him devotedly and sumptuously.


54. Big dreams, small dreams


His small head

Had big dreams.


His big head

Has small dreams.

He is waiting

For his head

To become larger than the largest

So that his small dreams

Can die down

Secretly, unnoticed,

And his reality-friends

Can stand living with him

Openly and fruitfully. ```

55. When


He is an angel

When he smiles.

He is a yogi

When he meditates.

He is a lover

When he cries.

He is a seer

When he sleeps.

He is a dreamer

When he speaks.

He is divinely great

When he is for God.

He is supremely good

When he is of God. ```

56. Don't give up!


Pray and meditate;

Meditate and pray.

Don’t give up!

If you give up,

Then you will be

As bad as the worst.

Pray and meditate;

Meditate and pray.

Reach the Goal.

No matter when you reach the Goal,

You will be

As good as the best. ```

57. His realisation


His realisation is skin-deep

Who says that the body’s beauty is skin-deep.


When will he know

That the outer beauty

Of a human being

Is a solid portion

Of God the Beauty.

His realisation is sea-deep

Who feels that man can transcend himself.


He will know,

He will know without fail

That today’s man is tomorrow’s God. ```

58. A thing


A thing of beauty

Is always a great expense.

A thing of duty

Deserves always a great reward.

A thing of necessity

Always surrenders.

A thing of surrender

Commands man to surrender

To the demand of price.


59. I believe it


When the world says

That I am a fool,

I believe it.

When the world says

That I am a rogue,

I believe it.

When the world says

That I am a helpless,

Hopeless and useless creature,

I believe it.

But God, when You tell me something,

Why do I find it so hard to believe it?

“Son, your love

Of ignorance-night

Far surpasses your love

Of Knowledge-Light.

“Empty your experience

Inside My Heart unreservedly.

I shall flood your being

With Light and Delight

Devotedly, soulfully and perpetually.”


60. They welcome


A lazy man welcomes


A crazy man welcomes


A wise man welcomes


A good man welcomes

God-Perfection. ```

61. The writer


Before he writes a book

He reads ten books

Written by others.

After he has written his book

He stops reading altogether

Books written by others.

He reads and reads and reads

His book until he empties

His appreciation-mountain,

Admiration-ocean, adoration-moon

On his beloved creation-son,

A mere book. ```

62. Before and after


You use your wise eyes

Before and after

You buy anything.

He uses his proud nose

Before and after

He buys anything.

I use my clever ears

Before and after

I buy anything.

God uses His Oneness-Heart

Before and after

He buys anything.


63. He


He loved God

When he was

9 years old.

He judged God

When he was

18 years old.

He forgave God

When he was

27 years old.

He realised his ignorance

When he was

36 years old.

God gave him everything

When he was

45 years old.

He became God

When he was

54 years old.

The world kicked him

When he was

63 years old.

The world killed him

When he was

72 years old.

And then immediately

The world gave him


Adoration-moon. ```

64. A mother's two Gods


Each mother has two Gods:

One is the God in Heaven,

The other is her own son.

To her God in Heaven

She prays,

To her God on earth

She surrenders. ```

65. A father's two goddesses


Each father has two Goddesses:

One is the Goddess in Heaven,

The other is his own daughter.

He soulfully admires

His Goddess in Heaven,

He unconditionally adores

His Goddess on earth. ```

66. He has already won


He who strives and dives

Will eventually succeed.

He who watches and catches

Will never succeed.

He who loves and serves

Has already won.

He who bites and blights

Has already lost. ```

67. The cosmic game


The donkey in him

Tries to clear the cosmic fence.

The deer in him

Wants to win the cosmic race.

The elephant in him

Wants to break down the cosmic palace.

The tiger in him

Wants to devour the cosmic fruit.

The God in him

Wants to enjoy the cosmic game. ```

68. He thinks


He thinks the sun shines

To please him.

He thinks God smiles

To please him.

He thinks humanity breathes

To please him.

Proudly he thinks,

Sweetly he dreams,

Quickly he sinks.


69. The boundaries


The human in me

Has a tiny room


On the north, south, east, west

By C.



The divine in me

Has the boundless universe


On the north, by God’s Compassion,

On the south, by God’s Protection,

On the east, by God’s Aspiration,

On the west, by God’s Perfection.


70. Love and hate


Love yourself.

Lo, you have begun

Your lifelong romance.

Hate yourself.

Lo, you have begun

Your lifelong battle.

Love God.

Lo, you have established

Your supremacy on earth.

Hate God.

Lo, the fool in you has caught

The fool you are.


71. Who is rich?


Who is rich?

He who has peace of mind.

Where is he?

All mortals searched

And searched for him


Found him not.

Now God is searching for him

On Humanity’s behalf.

If and when God finds him,

God will settle down

Near where he lives

To be his closest neighbour. ```

72. If you contradict


Contradict a man:

He will tell you free

Everything he knows.

Contradict a woman:

She will tell you free

Everything she has heard about you

And what she herself thinks about you.

Contradict God:

He will forgive you immediately,

He will teach you unreservedly,

He will fulfil you unconditionally. ```

73. What they deserve


Her speech deserves


Her silence deserves


Her smile deserves


Her surrender deserves


Not man’s perfection,

But God’s Perfection


God the Perfection



74. A very slight difference


Everyone is unrealised





But there is a very slight difference


Your realisation


My realisation.

Your realisation is





Whereas my realisation is




And even


I mean it.





75. Be a listener!


Be a listener!

You will be able to

Escape being a barber.

Be a listener!

Very soon you will be able to

Become a professor.

Be a listener!

Eventually you are bound to

Be the best advisor.

Be a listener!

Lo, you have become so popular

That your heights

Can easily touch

God’s supernal Pride.


76. When I talk to man


When I talk to man

I see that each discussion is

A public meeting

Without a microphone.

Naturally I shout,

I bark and

I do not even hesitate to bite

When necessity demands. ```

77. Devotion



What is it?

Devotion is the combination


Love’s intensity


Surrender’s divinity.

A man of devotion

Is God’s conscious and constant pride

In His Reality-sky


Infinity-sea. ```

78. Be careful


O descending disciples,

Be careful on your way

Down the hill.

If you kick the disciples

Who are below you

With your eyeless pride,

Then when the hour strikes

For you to ascend again,

They will not only prevent

Your upward journey,

But also extinguish

Your rekindled aspiration-flames. ```

79. To avoid


To avoid criticism,

I do nothing.

To avoid misunderstanding,

I say nothing.

To avoid competition,

I become nothing. ```

80. The time


Awakening is the time

When the men of reason

Go to sleep.

Enlightenment is the time

When the men of amusement

Stop drinking earth-pleasures.

Perfection is the time

When the God-men and the God-women

Stay on earth to love supremely

And serve unconditionally. ```

81. Don't doubt!


Don’t doubt!

When you doubt God

You lengthen your ignorance-journey,

You diminish the flow

Of your life-energy,

You destroy your

Fast-approaching sovereignty.

Therefore, don’t doubt,



82. Her birthday, his age


She knows her birthday

But not her age.

He knows his age

But not his birthday.


God does not know


Her birthday


His age. ```

83. They take us to God


Doctors take us to God

Unconsciously and unintentionally.

Generals take us to God

Forcefully and dramatically.

Spiritual Masters take us to God

Smilingly and lovingly.

God takes us to God

Devotedly and unconditionally. ```

84. My lying, sitting and standing


Before I stand

I sit.

Before I sit

I lie.



I love my lying


It gives me complete satisfaction.

I admire my sitting


It gives me immeasurable confidence.

I appreciate my standing


It gives me the greatest competence.


85. A new friend


I said to my friend:

“You are wrong.”

Alas, I lost my friend.

I said to my enemy:

“You are right.”

Lo, I gained a new friend.


86. Now learn it!


England is an island.

You knew it.

An Englishman is also an island.

Now learn it!

France is a pleasure-paradise.

You knew it.

A Frenchman is also a pleasure-paradise.

Now learn it!

India is a degradation-life.

You knew it.

An Indian is also a degradation-life.

Now learn it!

America is a promise-advertising soul.

You knew it.

An American is also a promise-advertising soul.

Now learn it!

Canada is a height-unnoticing eye.

You knew it.

A Canadian is also a height-unnoticing eye.

Now learn it! ```

87. The Indian love


The English language

Unites the whole world


Separates America from England.

The Indian love

Feeds the whole world


Strangles both the brothers:

Pakistan and India.


88. A small fee


A small admission fee

Takes all my enthusiasm away.

A small realisation fee

Takes all my aspiration away.

A small perfection fee

Takes all my energy away. ```

89. Their specialities


You know everything;

That is your speciality.

He knows nothing;

That is his speciality.

I know something of everything;

That is my speciality.

Light is in everything;

That is its speciality.

Love is for everything;

That is its speciality.

God is of everything and for everything;

That is His speciality. ```

90. Attention and intention


Attention he pays,

Intention he hides.

Indeed, this is the story

Of a human thief.

Attention he pays,

Intention he lacks.

Indeed, this is the story

Of a human rogue.

Attention he pays,

Intention he tries.

Indeed, this is the story

Of a sincere man.

Attention he pays,

Intention he fulfils.

Indeed, this is the story

Of a divine hero. ```

91. Love increases


Love increases

By visiting friends.

Love increases more

By helping friends.

Love increases most

By loving friends.

God the Host

Loves a visiting friend.

God the Father

Loves more a helping friend.

God the Beloved

Loves most a loving friend. ```

92. Friendship


Friendship between fear and hatred

Is only a suspension of hostility.

Friendship between doubt and suspicion

Is only a suspension of futility.

Friendship between love and life

Is only a suspension of ecstasy.

Friendship between an ascending cry

and a descending smile

Is only a suspension of Reality.


93. They save me


My faith saves me

From the suspicious world.

My love saves me

From the ferocious world.

My light saves me

From the ungenerous world.

My God saves me

From the unharmonious world. ```

94. Too short, too little, too far


His life was too short

To learn yoga.

His love was too little

To see God.

His goal was too far

To value his Beloved. ```

95. When I offer gratitude


When I offer gratitude to God

And God alone

I secretly expect

A greater favour from God.

When I offer gratitude to man

Man immediately claims

The most legitimate favour from me.

O God, with my gratitude

I hopefully try to fool you.

O man, with my gratitude

I unavoidably bind my helpless self. ```

96. Life and love


Life I give,

Life I receive.

With life I bind my Heaven and my earth.

Love I eat,

Love I feed.

With love I free my earth and my Heaven. ```

97. What is worse, what is better?


What is worse than a donkey?

Two donkeys.

What is better than a seeker?

Two seekers.

What is worse than the worst enemy?

Two enemies.

What is better than the best friend?

Two friends.

Two donkeys:

Doubt and Jealousy.

Two seekers:

Sincerity and Purity.

Two enemies:

Pride and Fear.

Two friends:

Faith and Courage. ```

98. When I talk


When I talk with God

I cramp His conversation.

When I talk with a man

We cramp each other’s conversation.

When I talk with a woman

She cramps my conversation.

And in return

The human in me strangles our conversation,


The divine in me admires her conversation.

When I talk with myself

I overfeed my conversation

And kill the real thinker in me.


99. Love is all


The animal in me says:

Destruction is above all,

Destruction is all.

The human in me says:

Sensation is above all,

Sensation is all.

The divine in me says:

Liberation is above all,

Liberation is all.

The angel in me says:

Beauty is above all,

Beauty is all.

The God in me says:

Love is above all,

Love is all.


100. God's nationality


In his dream he saw

A Russian, an American, a German,

A Chinaman, a Japanese, an Indian,

A Pakistani, a Frenchman, an Englishman

and a Canadian

Fighting over the nationality of God.

The Russian said,

“God can be of any nationality, but not


The American said,

“I shall ask God to leave me for some time,

Change His nationality

And stay with the Russian.

Russia needs God’s inner Presence,

Whereas I can stay for some time

Without God’s outer Presence.

Needless to say, God is an American.”

The German said,

“God is a clever fellow.

He changes His nationality quite often.

When a nation becomes powerful

He adopts the nationality of that country

Quickly and devotedly.”

The Chinaman said,

“Although God’s Presence does not add

Anything to my nation,

God secretly indulges His Chinese nationality.”

The Japanese said,

“We all know that God

Most secretly and convincingly

Enjoys His sole nationality: Japanese.”

The Indian said,

“Before God started

Taking human incarnation,

He assured India that

He would assume only one nationality,

Forever and forever.”

The Pakistani said,

“We know it.

That is why we do not allow God

The eternal Hindu

To darken our country.”

The Frenchman and the Englishman

Fought bitterly

And then divided God’s nationality

Into two gigantic halves.

The Canadian saluted the American and said,

“God’s eternal American nationality

Will one day be proved indisputable.”

The American embraced the Canadian and said,

“Take what I have and what I am.

What I have is outer assurance.

What I am is inner gratitude.”


From:Sri Chinmoy,The Wings of Light, part 2, Aum Press, Puerto Rico, 1974
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