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The Wings of Light, part 4

151. Next time I shall win

My body gives me

The consoling news:

Next time I shall win

In the battlefield of life.

My vital gives me

The exciting news:

Next time I shall win

Without fail the cosmic game.

My mind gives me

The inspiring news:

Next time I shall win

Infinity’s sweetest embrace.

My heart gives me

The aspiring news:

Next time I shall win

Immortality’s ever-climbing wings.

152. Three sons

Three sons:

The youngest, the middle and the eldest.

The youngest son said:

“Father is in Heaven.”

The middle son said:

“The Kingdom of Heaven is in your heart.”

The eldest son said:

“I and my Father are one.”

To the youngest son, the Father said:

“Son, thank you for your vision.”

To the middle son, the Father said:

“Son, thank you for your mission.”

To the eldest son, the Father said:

“Son, thank you for your union.”

153. One day's patience

One day’s patience

Awakens ten days’ peace.

Ten days’ peace

Expedites God’s Hour.

God’s Hour dawns

In surrender’s sky.

154. A tree without roots

Life without love

Is a flower

Without fragrance.

Love without oneness

Is a fruit

Without taste.

Oneness without God

Is a tree

Without roots.

155. When his boasting-boat sank


His boasting-boat sank,

His dignity-shore neared.


His dignity-shore neared,

God accompanied it.


God has given him

What He is:



156. He does not answer all letters


Does not answer all letters.


Awakens all hearts.


Does not awaken all hearts.


Feeds all souls.


Does not feed all souls.


Implores God

To feed all souls,

To awaken all hearts,

To answer all letters.

157. A brake

You are afraid of Bliss.

That means

You will be using a brake

On your inner progress.

You are afraid of Silence.

That means

You are using a brake

On your soaring progress.

You are afraid of Love.

That means

You have already used a brake

On your supreme progress.

158. Your smile, your joy, your love

Your smile

Is your property undisputed.

Your joy

Is your prosperity unchallenged.

Your love

Is your divinity unparalleled.

159. The shortest route


Is the shortest route

From the cradle

To the grave.


Is the shortest route

From the grave

To the cradle.


Is the shortest and safest route

From the earth-cradle

To the Heaven-cradle.

160. Until

The world does not honour

A great man

Until he is dead.

The world does not love

A good man

Until he is dead.

The world does not claim

A god-man

Until he is gone.

161. The echo

Light is the echo

Of God’s Voice

Inside the Love-Kingdom

Of my soul.

Surrender is the echo

Of God’s Voice

Inside the Perfection-Palace

Of my life.

162. Contradict

Contradict a man,

He will tell you

Everything he knows

About himself.

Contradict a woman,

She will tell you

Everything you do not want to know

About yourself.

Contradict your lower self,

You will be happy.

Contradict your higher self,

You will be doomed.

Contradict God,

He will definitely forgive you.

163. A one-way street and a two-way street

Compromise is a one-way street:

Look, and then proceed

In the right direction.

Surrender is a two-way street:

No need to look,

Just proceed the fastest

Along the earth-free and Heaven-proud Road.

164. My heart is still running

My body NEVER

Started the race.

My vital died

Along the way.

My mind gave up

After covering half the distance.

My heart is still running

In spite of tremendous fatigue and weariness.

My soul is watching

My poor heart.

My Supreme is beckoning

My brave heart.

165. When wisdom resigns

You hurt knowledge

When you spare ignorance.


Knowledge is hurt,

Wisdom resigns.


Wisdom resigns,

God’s Smile fades

Into earth-sadness,


166. An education

What is defeat?

Nothing but a continuing education.

What is victory?

Nothing but an inspiring education.

What is progress?

Nothing but a fulfilling education.

What is perfection?

Nothing but a blossomed education.

167. Four rooms

Quick instruction

Ends in the life-room.

Slow education

Ends in the school-room.

Great realisation

Ends in the heart-room.

Perfect manifestation

Begins and never ends in the body-room.

168. Better

Better go than sit.

Better meditate than go.

Better surrender than meditate.

Better try than cry.

Better think than try.

Better see than think.

169. Therefore he is happy

His servant-body is deaf.


He is happy.

His master-soul is blind.


He is happy.

His patient-mind is unreal.


He is happy.

His doctor-heart is kind.


He is happy.

170. Naturally I am great

A dumb sheep worships me;

Naturally I am great.

A blind beggar adores me;

Naturally I am great.

A poor man admires me;

Naturally I am great.

Mother Earth loves me;

Naturally I am great.

Father Heaven blesses me;

Naturally I am great.

171. Introductions

Your past introduced you

To bondage-night.

Your present is introducing you

To Liberation-light.

Your future will be introducing you

To Perfection-height.

172. Responsibility and opportunity


Life is responsibility,

Death is opportunity.


Life is opportunity,

Death is futility.


We live in the physical,

We come to feel that life

Is man’s responsibility


God’s true opportunity.



We live in the soul,

We come to realise that life

Is God’s responsibility


Man’s constant opportunity.

173. My heart and my mind

My heart

Lends me an immediate hand.

My mind

Gives me endless advice.

My heart

Cultivates my life-earth.

My mind

Trims my life-tree.

174. Oneness-moon, oneness-sun

When love thinks,

Life sinks.

When life dreams,

Love reveals.

When life and love think,

Oneness starves.

When life and love dream,

Oneness-moon grows within,

Oneness-sun glows without.

175. The fruit of earth's love-tree

A wise man knows that God is


A fool feels that he has


A seeker feels that truth is

Only in Heaven.

A lover feels that truth is

The fruit of earth’s love-tree.

176. Therefore

Your heart is deep;


You see the invisible.

Your mind is clear;


You believe the incredible.

Your life is receptive;


You achieve the impossible.

177. My guides

I use my reason to guide me,

And I stumble and stumble.

I use my faith to guide me,

And I march and march.

I use my silence to guide me,

And I run and run.

I use my surrender to guide me,

And I see my Goal where I eternally am.

178. Be loving

Be wise and watch.

Be great and govern.

Be kind and feel.

Be good and act.

Be pure and spread.

Be loving and become.

179. How I govern the world

By crying,

I govern my physical world.

By struggling,

I govern my vital world.

By thinking,

I govern my mental world.

By meditating,

I govern my psychic world.

By loving,

I govern God’s inner world.

By serving,

I govern God’s outer world.

180. If I can

If I can,

I shall speak to God about you.

If I can,

I shall beg God

To grant you an interview.

If I can,

I shall ask God

To simplify your long and arduous task.

If I can,

I shall ask God to grant you

His Nectar-flood.

181. He will see

He will see,

Who saw.

He will feel,

Who felt.

He will think,

Who thought.

He will serve,

Who served.

He will give,

Who gave.


He will have and be,

Who surrenders.

182. My soul bends not

My soul

Bends not, breaks not.

My heart

Bends and bends.

My vital

Never bends.

My body

Only breaks.

183. Love is no labour

Thought is three-fourths labour.

Hope is half labour.

Joy is a quarter labour.

Love is no labour.


Love undertakes,

Love accomplishes

Sooner than at once.

184. More lasting than immortal

The conqueror

Is mortal.

The asserter

Is weaker than mortal.

The God-lover

Is immortal.

The God in man

Is more lasting than immortal.

185. I see, I say and I do

I see and say nothing;


I am happy.

I see not and say not;


I am happier.

I see, I say and I do;


I am happiest.

186. Four different Gods

God the Saviour:

For the vigilant.

God the Forgiver:

For the sleeping.

God the Beloved:

For the seeker.

God the Transformer:

For the idler.

187. Here at last

O physical world!

Here I am adored


Not loved.

O vital world!

Here I am bound


Not subdued.

O mental world!

Here I am chained


Not conquered.

O psychic world!

Here at last

I am loved

And fulfilled.

188. I desire, I believe, I have

I desire.

I desire to be free

From the assaults of desire.

I believe.

I believe I am a chosen instrument

Of the Transcendental Supreme.

I have.

I have what the Supreme is:

Surrender, surrender unconditional.

189. I will never quit

O Master-Lord,

I will never quit.

I may suffer,


I will never quit.

O Master-Lord,

I will never quit.

I may be badly misunderstood,


I will never quit.

O Master-Lord,

I will never quit.

I may be totally destroyed,


I will never quit.

190. Prosper and proceed

I prosper and prosper.

This is what

The animal in me demands.

I prosper and proceed.

This is what

The human in me wants.

I proceed and prosper.

This is what

The divine in me aspires for.

I proceed and proceed.

This is what

The Supreme in me needs.

191. Boldness

Danton says:

“Boldness and more boldness,

And always boldness!”

The seeker in me whispers:

“Boldness in the life-river,

More boldness in the service-citadel,

And always boldness

In the surrender-world.”

192. Struggle, exist and live

Darwin says:

“The struggle for existence.”

The warrior in me whispers:

“I struggle to exist.

I exist for God.”

God taught me secretly how to struggle.

God teaches me openly

How to exist.

God shall teach me unreservedly

How to live.

193. All for one, one for all

Dumas says:

“All for one, one for all.”

The lover in me whispers:

“All for one

In the world of my devotion-height,

In the world of my surrender-sea.

One for all

In the world of my Love-light,

In the world of my Perfection-sky.”

194. What is the future?

Einstein says:

“I never think of the future.

It comes soon enough.”

The sincere observer

In me whispers:

“What is the future

If not my morning smiles

Fading into my evening cries?

What is the future

If not my morning cries

Growing into my evening smiles?”

195. They will claim me

Einstein says:

“If my theory of relativity is proven successful,

Germany will claim me as a German and

France will declare that I am a citizen of the world.”

The realised soul in me whispers:

“If my God-realisation is proved,

Mother India will claim me

As her very own.

If my God-revelation is proved successful,

Father America will claim me confidently

As his very own.

If my God-manifestation is proved victorious,

My world-sisters and brothers

Will claim me unreservedly

As their very own.”

196. Time and money

Benjamin Franklin says:

“Remember that time is money.”

The practical man in me whispers:

“I deeply admire

This great discovery.

But I have also to remember that

Time is life.

Time is God the Inspiration

In our outer life;

Time is God the aspiration

In our inner life.

And what is money?

Money is something

That has the message of possession

In the outer world


The message of service

In the inner world.”

197. Without

No knowledge

Without power.

No power

Without love.

No love

Without the heart.

No heart

Without the soul.

No soul

Without the Goal.

198. Misunderstood

When I love God,

I am misunderstood by man.

Man says: “You love God

To escape from the harsh realities

Of the world.”

When I love man,

I am misunderstood by God.

God says: “My son,

You are not doing

The first thing first.”

199. Why does he break?

Whom to blame?

No one.

Why blame?

No reason.

Who is blaming?

The deliberate breaker.

What does he break?


Why does he break?

Because he knows not what






200. My play is done

My play is done.

Nothing more to give,

Nothing more to receive,

Nothing more to grow,

Nothing more to achieve.

My play is done.

My play is done.

I have become

What I was:



My play is done.

From:Sri Chinmoy,The Wings of Light, part 4, Agni Press, 1974
Sourced from https://srichinmoylibrary.com/wl_4