The Wings of Light, part 9

401. In your daily life


Where is your temple?

Is it not in your daily life?

Where is your shrine?

Is it not in your daily life?

Where is your duty?

Is it not in your daily life?

Where is your God?

Is He not in your daily life?

Who is God?

He who sings the songs

Of self-transcendence

At each hush-gap. ```

402. The other day, the other night


I played with Eternity the other day.

Neither Eternity nor I won the game,

Neither Eternity nor I lost the game.

I sang with Infinity the other night.

Indeed, we two are the singers

Of the transcendental Heights.

I danced with Immortality the other day.

At the end we bartered our lives.

I walked with God the other night.

When He felt tired, I carried Him along

On my shoulders.

When I felt tired, He carried me along

Inside His Heart.


403. With no difficulty at all


With difficulty I discovered

The face of the earth.

With greater difficulty I discovered

The life in the world.

With greatest difficulty I discovered

A sun on earth.

But with no difficulty at all

I discovered the transcendental Silence-Height

Of the Absolute Supreme.


404. I sleep with God


From the golden morn

To the fiery noon

I pray to God.

From the fiery noon

To the retiring eve

I meditate on God.

From the retiring eve

To the starry night

I contemplate on God.

From the starry night

To the Golden Dawn

I sleep with God.


405. They make their own selections


The soul selects

Its own members.

The heart selects

Its own brothers and sisters.

The mind selects

Its own mentors.

The vital selects

Its own admirers.

The body selects

Its own fellow-dreamers. ```

406. Here is the difference


Here is

The difference between

A doleful cry


A soulful smile:

A doleful cry

Is a human query;

A soulful smile

Is an answer divine.


407. O Messenger


O Messenger of death,

I feel your universal hunger.

O Messenger of life,

I know your universal Truth.

O Messenger of love,

I am, I am Your universal Light. ```

408. O my world


O my world,

Sleep not with a groaning age.

O my world,

Stay not with a moaning age.

O my world,

Live, live with a climbing face.

O my world,

Love, love with the dawning grace. ```

409. You, only you!


O orphan hope,

Who were your parents?

O infant love,

Where are your parents?

O constant fear,

Who are you?

O instant joy,

You, only you! ```

410. All are born to transcend


All are not born to see.

All are not born to feel.

All are not born to run.

All are not born to dive.

All are not born to fly.


All are born to love,

All are born to serve,

All are born to progress,

All are born to perfect,

All are born to transcend.


411. They have given me


Earth has given me

What it has: lasting cry.

Heaven has given me

What it has: lasting smile.

Doubt has given me

What it has: lasting torture.

Faith has given me

What it has: lasting confidence.

God has given me

What He is: lasting Love. ```

412. The favourite


He is Heaven’s favourite lover.


He loves the world


He is earth’s favourite server.


He serves the world


He is God’s favourite hero.


He defends the world

Gratefully. ```

413. To please God, to please man


To please God

I offer my life’s little lamp.

And God is unreservedly satisfied.

To please man

I offer my soul’s vast sun.

Yet man is unquestionably dissatisfied.

Who can please God?

Whoever wants to.

Who can please man?

No one, not even God. ```

414. I am known to surrender


You are happy


You are unknown to doubt.

He is happy


He is unknown to failure.

Heaven is happy


It is known to tomorrow.

Earth is happy


It is known to joy.

Finally, I am happy


I am known to surrender, constant surrender, unconditional surrender.


415. Dance and dine


When my weary night

Struggles into day,

God and I together dance

In the garden of Love-light.

When my fiery day

Slips into night,

Satan and the King of death

Together dine in the Kitchen of Surprise. ```

416. The secrets of trance


Morning the teacher

Teaches him the secrets

Of beautiful trance.

Noon the teacher

Teaches him the secrets

Of powerful trance.

Evening the teacher

Teaches him the secrets

Of silent trance.

God the teacher

Teaches him the secrets

Of natural trance.


417. Two watchmen


Man the watchman tells me:

“Stop, stop!

Show me your identification.”

God the Watchman tells me:

“Come in, come in.

Look, here is my identification.”


418. Silence and sound


The sound in silence

Talks much,

Says less.

The silence in sound

Talks less,

Says more.

The God in sound

Speaks first,

Then acts.

The God in silence

Speaks not,

Just acts.


419. Let us wager


Lord, let us wager

Our kingdoms.

Let Thy Kingdom come down,

Let my kingdom go up.

Let us see whose kingdom

Has a faster speed.

Lord, if You win

I shall give you immediately

My only wealth: surrender-light.

Lord, if I win

Will You give me

Your Perfection-height? ```

420. A Prince of Love


When I was a Prince of gloom

I thought I could do


In the twinkling of an eye.

When I was a Prince of Light

I discovered that patience and I


Would do everything.

When I was a Prince of Love

I realised that God and I

Had already

Done everything. ```

421. Achieve and stop not


O Lord of my body,


O Lord of my vital,

Build and break not.

O Lord of my mind,


O Lord of my heart,

Achieve and stop not. ```

422. How hard I work


O beloved pride,

How hard I work

To build you up.

O beloved doubt,

How hard I work

To defend your cause.

O beloved fear,

How hard I work

To treasure your body.

O beloved depression,

How hard I work

To fathom your realisation.


423. My last goal


My human goals

Have fooled me




My divine goals

Are ignoring me




I shall now try my last goal:

The goal of God-becoming. ```

424. My heart shall grow with you


O sleeping night,

Don’t be so frightened.

My body shall sleep with you.

O whistling wind,

Don’t be so restless.

My vital shall play with you.

O murmuring river,

Don’t be so proud.

My mind shall run with you.

O lonely garden,

Don’t be so depressed.

My heart shall grow with you.


425. Flying


He was flying sweetly and divinely

From the mortal dream-world

Into the immortal Reality-world.

He is flying consciously and supremely

From the Reality-world

Into the Perfection-sun.

He shall be flying swiftly and unerringly

From the Perfection-sun

Into the Source:

The Silence of the

Ever-transcending Beyond.


426. Danger-red, danger-white


Danger-red challenges

Human courage.

Danger-blue welcomes

Human faith.

Danger-green defies

Earthly time.

Danger-white strengthens

Our prayer. ```

427. The ruler of night


Protection, what is it?

Man’s spontaneous belief in a higher power.

What is a higher power?

Man’s unmanifested Light.

What is Light?

Light is the ruler of night


Nourisher of Delight. ```

428. God, stay not alone!


God, stay not alone!

I am more than eager

To stay with You.

God, use not Your Will alone!

I am more than willing

To use my will with Yours.

God, govern not alone!

Since two heads are better than one

I am ready to offer You my service-light

So that You can govern

Your worlds supremely well.


429. No recognition, no reward


His pride

Deserves no response.

His humility

Requires no recognition.

His ignorance

Deserves no reward.

His wisdom

Far transcends human appreciation. ```

430. God and I meet together


In the morning

God and I meet together

To appreciate our beauty’s birth.

In the evening

God and I meet together

To admire our duty’s end.

At night

God and I meet together

To immortalise our necessity’s life.


431. Three songs


I know only three songs:




With my heart-song,

I reveal God the Lover.

With my soul-song,

I manifest God the Beloved.

With my life-song,

I fulfil God the Supreme. ```

432. He and his experiences


He and his eyes

Stood against the blue-vast sky.

He and his nose

Stood against the green-brown earth.

He and his arms

Stood against the gold-white Heaven.

His victories were followed

By giant defeats.

His defeats were followed

By Himalayan victories.

He and his experiences

Breathe Immortality’s Life. ```

433. Even so


As I conceal

Death’s proud capacity,

Even so, death

Reveals my stupendous capacity.

As I ask death

To delay its final arrival,

Even so, death demands

My supreme authority. ```

434. O sweet oblivion, O great remembrance


O sweet oblivion,

To you I bow and bow.

You have made me forget

All my yesterdays,

My yesterdays’ bitter failures.

O great remembrance,

To you I bow and bow.

You have granted me the capacity

To remember all my sublimely significant conversations,

My conversations with the Lord Supreme.


435. His mind-cloud


His mind-cloud

Appreciates the teeming clouds

Of the sky.

His vital-pleasure

Enjoys the teeming pleasures

Of the world.

His body-sleep

Knows nothing save the embrace

Of ignorance-sleep.

His heart-surrender

Is all surrender to the God

In humanity.


436. Who has brought me?


Who has brought me

To the old familiar hell?

Ah, my desire-thief.

Who has brought me

To the old familiar Heaven?

Ah, my aspiration-chief.

Who has brought me

To my old familiar Lord?

Ah, His Compassion supreme.


437. You have


O fortunate star,

You have the capacity to give.

O fortunate earth,

You have the necessity to receive.

O fortunate human-soul,

You have the divinity

To see the glory of Light,

To drink the life of Delight,

To become the Goal of Oneness.


438. God went home empty-handed


To darkness

He has sold his light.

To bondage

He has sold his freedom.

To ignorance

He has sold his wisdom.

To deception

He has sold his conscience.

Alas, when God came

To buy something from him,

Nothing was left.

Poor God went home empty-handed. ```

439. God forgives


When the mind hesitates,

The vital postpones.

When the vital postpones,

The body sleeps.

When the body sleeps,

The heart weeps.

When the heart weeps,

God forgives.

He forgives all the members.


440. Nothing enters into me


Nothing enters into me.

Humility does not enter into me

Even when I eat my blades of grass.

Devotion does not enter into me

Even when I place my head at the feet of my Master.

Sincerity does not enter into me

Even though every morning I go to church.

Purity does not enter into me

Even though I wash myself for hours.

Am I not something?


441. An abiding and conquering name


When I lost the cosmic game

Centuries suffered in me.


When I won the cosmic game

Nobody cared.

Nobody was happy

Save my Lord Supreme,

My eternal friend.

He congratulated me

By giving me an abiding

And conquering name:

Love. ```

442. Successful and happy was I


Successful was I

When I did business

With God and God alone.

I gave Him my centuries’ possession:


He gave me His Eternity’s possession:


Happy was I

When the all-forgiving Compassion

Of the Lord Supreme

Married the extremities of my ceaseless pride. ```

443. Two proposals


Two proposals:

Humanity’s inner duty needs me.

When I am needed,

I feel my life

Is divinely meaningful

And supremely fruitful.


I gladly accept the proposal

Of Divinity’s inner duty.


444. Your first wish and your last wish


Your first wish will be granted

This year.

You will be able to cry

Soulfully, divinely,

Supremely and unconditionally.

Your second and last wish will be granted

Next year.

God will smile in you, through you,

Around you and for you

With His supernal Pride.


445. My two old friends are engaged


My two old friends, fear and doubt,

Are engaged.

At their wedding

I shall give them

My best smile and best embrace,

For I may not see them any more

Since they are planning to move away

After they get married.

When my friends, fear and doubt, go away

I will try to have two new friends:

Faith and courage.


446. If I had time enough


Lord, I tell You,

If I had time enough

I would definitely

Help You in Your manifestation.

Lord, I tell you,

If I had time enough

I would unmistakably prove to be

Your most perfect instrument.

Alas, time is my worst enemy.

How hard I try to make friends with time

So that I can use her

At my sweet will.

Lord, just give me the time.

A little more, I tell You,

And I shall love You,

Please You and fulfil You,

Even in Your own way.

Is it not an astonishing bargain? ```

447. Four supreme secrets


Lord Supreme,

All my life I have treasured

Three supreme secrets.

Today I shall share them with You:

I love myself

Infinitely more than I love You.

I think I could have created

A creation infinitely better

Than Yours, Lord.

I absolutely mean it.

And Lord, third but not least,

For a long time I have

Been trying to dethrone You,

But with no success.

Alas, now that I have told You

My supreme secrets,

Will You give me something?

“Certainly I shall.

I am giving you My supreme secret:

I love you.

I love you

Infinitely more than I love Myself.

Little heart, I love you infinitely more

Than I love My entire creation.” ```

448. Four promises


I made three promises

To the Supreme:

I shall appreciate the outer beauty

Through my inner eye,

I shall love the outer world

Through my inner heart,

I shall be the bridge

Between the hunger of the earth-body


The fulfilment of the Heaven-soul.

The Supreme made

One promise to me:

No matter how many times I fail,

He will come to me in His form of





449. My two friends


I have only two friends:

God and man.

In the world of ignorance,

Man is my friend.

In the sky of Light,

God is my friend.

My man-friend secretly whispers

I need him more than he needs me.

My God-friend openly declares

He needs me more than I need Him.

He adds: He is ready to wait indefinitely

For my arrival. ```

450. A higher position, a higher salary


Lord, will You not give me

A higher position and raise my salary?

“Your salary: Peace, Light and Delight

I can and shall easily increase.

But I am afraid I shall

Not be able to give you a higher position.

A few years ago,

When I accepted you,

I accepted you as an instrument of Mine.

Then I raised your position.

I declared you as a chosen son of Mine.

Now you want to be My representative on earth.

I am sorry!

For that you have to work very hard.

I am afraid it may take a few incarnations

For you to represent Me on earth.” ```

From:Sri Chinmoy,The Wings of Light, part 9, Aum Press, Puerto Rico, 1974
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