Value your spiritual life17

Sri Aurobindo was my Master. Now my Master is the Supreme. Everybody’s Master is the Supreme. Every human being who has taken incarnation has only one Guru, according to me and that Guru is our Lord Supreme. My Guru, your Guru, everybody’s Guru is the Supreme.

Let me tell you about my Guru, Sri Aurobindo. Four times a year we were able to see him: in February, April, August and November. Each time I do not think it was for more than three seconds. Five seconds, no — I do not think so. Four times a year we saw him and there was a long queue.

The very first time I went for darshan, the Mother was introducing me to Sri Aurobindo. She said, “Chinmoy, Hriday’s youngest brother.” Then she told Sri Aurobindo something. Alas, I could not hear. Sri Aurobindo’s two assistants grabbed me and showed me to the door. Now both of those gentlemen are extremely, extremely kind and dear to me.

That was our life. And how many years did it last? I became a permanent resident of the Ashram in 1944. Most of you were not born at that time. In 1950, Sri Aurobindo left his earthly sheath, his earthly body, his earthly frame. For six years I was with my Master.

Here I have disciples who have been with me for over thirty years. For how many hours you have seen me! Countless hours you have been able to spend with your Master. I am here on earth as the representative of the Supreme — for you, not for others. He is the Supreme. He is my Guru, your Guru, everybody’s Guru. Out of His infinite Bounty, He has chosen me to be His representative, only for you. Others have their own Gurus who deal with their disciples in their own ways.

If you do not value your spiritual life, if you do not value your own way of life, nobody can and nobody will force you to follow this path. If you are enjoying your own indulgence-life, then your progress-speed will be worse than India’s bullock cart speed. But if you have the inner urge, how fast you can go! Again, Indian bullock carts do go forward, slowly and steadily. The choice is up to you.

WSI 20. 5 January 2002, Inter-Continental Hotel, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

From:Sri Chinmoy,I wanted to be a seeker of the Infinite, Agni Press, 2012
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