Consoled By Mother Kali

Yesterday I went out walking towards Flushing Meadow Park. Lucy was supposed to catch me at one or two miles, driving in the car. But after two miles Lucy still did not come. More than two and a half miles I walked! I was miserable because I have not been walking for such a long time.

After one mile I felt sincerely sad that I was not able to practice my one-arm lift. For three or four days I have not lifted because the weights are in Progress-Promise. My Mother Kali immediately appeared to console me.

Mother Kali said that if I want to do heavy weights, I should practise with 700 pounds. But she told me not to exceed 700. She said that if somebody else lifts as heavy a weight as I have, because of my universal oneness, it is actually I who will do it. That person will only have a different name. In this way she consoled me.

Now I am keeping the calf raise machine at my house. I will do those two exercises — the one-arm lift with 700 pounds and the calf raise — on alternate days.

— 30 November 1986

From:Sri Chinmoy,My weightlifting tears and smiles, part 2, Agni Press, 1986
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