An eminent Canadian visitor

Last Wednesday night, when I was playing the cello during our meditation, somebody came in the inner world to visit me. At that time, I had lifted 3,000 pounds with one arm, but I had not yet done my 7,000.

When I saw the soul right in front of me, I said, “I cannot recognise you. Please tell me who you are.”

He said, “I am Louis Cyr. You cannot recognise me?”

I am not familiar with his soul at all, but I have read about him and many pictures I have seen of him lifting. In his day, he was the strongest man in the world. I think he came from Montreal, Canada, and he was born more than one hundred years ago.

So I was playing my cello and Tanima’s group was singing. Louis Cyr’s soul came and stood right in front of me. Then he took off his weightlifting belt and placed it at my feet, saying he was no match for me.

I was not thinking of him at all. Believe me, I was not fishing for compliments about my lifting! I was only trying to play my music correctly on the cello. But the inner world has its own Hour.

31 January 1987

From:Sri Chinmoy,My weightlifting tears and smiles, part 3, Agni Press, 2004
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