Kundalini power and spiritual power

There is one gym owner in San Francisco by the name of Tom. Every day he reads my Kundalini book and then he tries to open up his chakras. He does not realise that kundalini power is nothing compared to spiritual power. Kundalini power is a form of spiritual power, true, but kundalini power will pale into insignificance when spiritual power, universal power, is used. I have the capacity to use universal power. I can say from my own inner experience that kundalini power is like a big wave, whereas universal power is the ocean. Kundalini power is connected with universal power, but it is not the universal power.

Let us say that kundalini power is like my arm. My arm is connected to my whole body. I can use my arm by itself, but if I can use the rest of my body as well, then I will be able to do much more. Universal power is definitely stronger than the kundalini power.

That is one point. There is also the question of book-knowledge and inner experience. An almanac can tell you everything: when it will rain and so forth. Everything is listed there. But if you squeeze the book, there is no water inside. Similarly, you can read books on kundalini power, snake-power, but that does not mean you will get the results. Where are the chakras? They are in the subtle physical. Just by reading about them, they will not open up. You have to go deep within to discover them.

The best thing is to meditate on God. He is the Owner of the kundalini-garden. All the trees and flowers and plants in it belong to Him. If we please God, will He not open up the garden for us? And then, if we please Him more, will He not give us the most delicious fruit in the garden? But if we do not please Him, why should He open up the garden for us and give us the fruits and flowers?

Again, if God sees right from the beginning that you are pleasing Him only with the idea of receiving the fruits, He will see that you are such a clever fellow. Perhaps He may open up the door to the garden for you so that you can go inside and get the fruits. But a day will come when you want God alone and then how will you recognise Him? If He comes to you, you will not know that it was He who allowed you to go into the garden and you may tell Him to get out.

12 February 1987

From:Sri Chinmoy,My weightlifting tears and smiles, part 3, Agni Press, 2004
Sourced from https://srichinmoylibrary.com/wts_3