My guests in Seoul

One elderly Korean man was the torchbearer during the Olympic opening ceremony. He had competed in the marathon in the 1936 Olympics and he became Jesse Owens’ friend. He came to be lifted yesterday and he was so nice. He stayed with us for more than an hour.

Then from Barbados, some Indian archers came with their coach on another day. I also lifted the great sprinter Calvin Smith and his wife. Then there were athletes from Zambia, Nepal, Japan, Chad, Canada and Aruba. Altogether I lifted 44 individuals from 12 or 13 countries. One of the athletes from Zambia gave a very nice speech.

Dhanu has taken some very nice pictures of the great film producer, Bud Greenspan. I have watched so many of his videos about the Olympics. They are really immortal.

In the beginning, we had some difficulties finding somewhere to hold the lifting ceremony. Then the manager of our Hotel Intercontinental was kind enough to agree. Some people whom I lifted indoors had to sit down because the ceiling was not high enough. The manager was one of those.

Roger Kingdom’s mother was so brave. She was waving when I lifted her. She was only holding the bar with one hand. How happy she was!

One day our great Gary Fanelli came. He was competing in the marathon. He wanted to prove to me that everywhere he carries me. So he took out from his wallet my picture. He was showing it to me and telling me, “Guru, I carry you everywhere.”

Both Gary and Ashrita tried very hard to bring Arnold Schwarzenegger, but by the time they met with him, I had finished lifting for the day.

29 September 1988

From:Sri Chinmoy,My weightlifting tears and smiles, part 3, Agni Press, 2004
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