Question: What is your opinion about television?1

Sri Chinmoy: Except for the news, if you ask me the percentage of television that is good, I will say only two per cent is a blessing. Ninety-eight per cent of television is a curse, a hostile force. And a day will come when people will agree with me about how far the computer and scientific research have also taken the heart from their life. In the world of the heart, they have become bankrupt.

The material world is good, to a certain extent. It expedites material prosperity. But no matter how rich we become in the material sense, God-realisation will never, never come from material success, material achievements. The two can go side by side, but God-realisation itself can only come from the inner life, the spiritual life.

If I want to know all about world history, then I have to study history. Geography will be of no avail. Similarly, those who want to study science will go in that direction. But I do not think that one day science or computer technology will come forward and say, “This is God. He is standing in front of you.” If this were ever the case, then all the spiritual Masters would have to come back from Heaven and surrender to the computer.

  1. YBG 53-56. Sri Chinmoy answered these questions on 11 January 1996 at the Summerstrand Holiday Inn, Port Elizabeth, South Africa, during his annual Christmas Trip with his students

From:Sri Chinmoy,You belong to God, Agni Press, 2012
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