2901. A good thought

A good thought gently knocks
At your heart’s door
And enters with your full permission
To see your face of truth
And feel your heart of love.

2902. The most expensive thing

Wisdom-delight is the most
Expensive thing on earth.
But no matter how expensive it is,
Every peace-loving
And God-becoming human being
Must have it.

2903. The spiritual Master

The parents tell the children
What to do.
The schoolteacher tells the children
How to do it.
The spiritual Master
Does it for them.

2904. My image of life-perfection

I shall always maintain
My image of life-perfection
For the full Satisfaction
Of my Beloved Supreme.

2905. The destruction-game

When the mind becomes selfishness,
When the heart becomes loneliness,
When the life becomes fruitlessness,
These three friends together play
The destruction-game.

2906. Three uncompromising worlds

Uncompromising is the physical world.
More uncompromising is the vital world.
Most uncompromising is the mental world.
At every moment what I need
Is the indomitable stamina of my soul
To brave these three uncompromising worlds.

2907. A better citizen of the world

Each time I enjoy freedom
From the confines of my doubting mind,
I see a clearer guidance
And become a better citizen of the world.

2908. You are terribly alone

You are terribly alone,
Not because your busy mind has deserted you,
But because your heart’s purity-oneness
Is totally disappointed in you.

2909. The courage to tell the world

My Beloved Supreme,
Do give me the courage to tell the world
That my judgment-mind was absolutely wrong
And I am sincerely sorry.
My heart really means it.

2910. My compassionate Lord

Although I am quite often nervous,
Although quite often
I am about to faint with anxiety,
I still feel that my compassionate Lord
And my liberating Lord
Cannot and will not remain away from me
For a long time.

2911. Excruciating pangs

My Lord, my Lord,
My purity-flower fades away
Before it is fully blossomed.
Therefore, every day I am compelled
To experience excruciating pangs.

2912. A constantly peaceful mind

O my Lord, do tell me,
How can I ever be grateful enough?

“My child, you do not have to be grateful.
What I want from you
Is a constantly peaceful mind,
For that will give Me
An eternal Satisfaction-Sun.”

2913. The results of my impurity

Because I was not pure,
My heart was bruised yesterday.
Because I am not pure,
My life is battered today.
Because I shall not be pure,
I shall be forced to live
In annihilation-night tomorrow.

2914. Will You not come to me?

My Lord, when I had a series
Of serious crises,
You came to me with Your Power.

My Lord, when I had a series
Of serious problems,
You came to me with Your Guidance.

My Lord, what I have now
Is gratitude.
This time, will You not come to me
With Your Satisfaction-Smile?