Editor's note

Sri Chinmoy offered the following prayers during his visit to Huangshan and Nanjing, China in January and February 2005.

29 January 2005

Huangshan, China

1 God Takes Very Seriously ...

God takes very seriously
A disobedience-mind.

2 There Is No Way To Call God ...

There is no way to call God
By the wrong name.

3 If We Can Smile ...

If we can smile
Soulfully and self-givingly,
God’s Compassion-Eye
God’s Satisfaction-Heart
Will always accompany us.

4 Every Day I Pray To God ...

Every day I pray to God
For His Satisfaction,
And not for my promotion.

5 The Outer World ...

The outer world
Does not care for my help,
Yet I am eager to help.

6 The Inner World ...

The inner world
Needs my service desperately.
Alas, I am nowhere to be found!

7 The More Hunger We Have ...

The more hunger we have
For the fulfilment of our desire-life,
The sooner we become impoverished
In our inner life.

8 Aspiration-Quality ...

And dedication-quantity
I long for.

9 May I Live All The Time ...

May I live all the time
In the beauty of patience
In the fragrance of silence.

10 Devotion ...

Is the heart’s
Most precious wealth.

11 I Hide ...

I hide
When I am in
My desire-life.

12 I Get An Ecstasy-Ride ...

I get an ecstasy-ride
When I am in
My aspiration-heart.

13 Never Take A False Start ...

Never take a false start
In your aspiration-race.