Editor's note

Sri Chinmoy offered the following prayers during his visit to Sanya, China in November 2004.

25 November 2004 ...

25 November 2004

Sanya, China

1 Victory To My Supreme! ...

Victory to my Supreme!
Victory to my Lord Supreme!
Victory to my Lord Beloved Supreme!
Victory to my Lord Beloved Absolute Supreme!
Victory, victory, victory!

2 The Soul Introduces The Seeker ...

The soul introduces the seeker
To the Master.
The Master introduces the seeker
To the Absolute Supreme.
The Absolute Supreme introduces
The God-realised seeker
To humanity.
Humanity says to the God-realised seeker,
“Sorry, I am not ready.
You have come untimely.
You have come long before the hour.
You may come and visit me once again
After at least 200 years.”
The God-realised seeker says to humanity,
“Amen!” and adds,
“Humanity, I love you.
Humanity, you I love.
Humanity, I shall love you
Forever and forever and forever.”
Finally, the God-realised seeker says
To the Absolute Supreme,
“Supreme, my Supreme,
What have You done?
Supreme, my Supreme,
What have I done?”

3 What I Can Do ...

What I can do,
Poor God cannot do.
God cannot sleep.

4 What God Can Do ...

What God can do,
Poor me cannot do.
I cannot dream.

5 Only To Please My Lord ...

Only to please my Lord,
I smile and smile
And smile.

6 Only To Please My Soul ...

Only to please my soul,
I fly and fly
And fly.

7 Only To Please My Heart ...

Only to please my heart,
I suffer and suffer
And suffer.

8 Only To Please My Mind ...

Only to please my mind,
I doubt and doubt
And doubt.

9 Only To Please My Vital ...

Only to please my vital,
I challenge and challenge
And challenge.

10 Only To Please My Body ...

Only to please my body,
I sleep and sleep
And sleep.

11 Only To Please My Life ...

Only to please my life,
I struggle and struggle
And struggle.

12 Only To Please Myself ...

Only to please myself,
I hide and hide
And hide.