Editor's note

Sri Chinmoy offered the following prayers during his visit to Langkawi, Malaysia in February 2006.

16 February 2006

Langkawi, Malaysia

1 Pathfinders ...

Are infinitely more important
Than travellers.

2 When God Is My Choice ...

When God is my choice,
Only choice,
God’s Voice cannot remain far,
Very far.

3 Man The Bondage ...

Man the bondage
God the Freedom
Together live.

4 I Want To See ...

I want to see
God’s Feet first,
Before I see God’s Face.

5 I Want To See ...

I want to see
God’s Eye first,
Before I see the world.

6 God-Knowers ...

Are more God-lovers
Than God-seekers.

7 God’s Grace ...

God’s Grace
Is always
Empty of condition.

8 The Strength Of Goodness ...

The strength of goodness
Far surpasses
The strength of greatness.

9 I Am Extremely Fond ...

I am extremely fond
Of the heart of everything
In God’s world.

10 Peace, Universal Peace ...

Peace, universal peace,
Is definitely within the reach
Of all.

17 February 2006 ...

17 February 2006

Langkawi, Malaysia

11 Life Is Eternal ...

Life is eternal
Only when we cry to live
In God’s Breath.

12 Change ...

Is absolutely necessary
In the process of evolution.