13 Why Do You Need ...

Why do you need
A mind that all the time
Confuses and refuses?
What you need
Is a God-loving heart.

14 Each Divine Action ...

Each divine action
Is, indeed,
A God-Fragrance-Joy.

15 My Lord Supreme ...

My Lord Supreme
Is never pleased
With my mind-forest.

16 My Lord Supreme ...

My Lord Supreme
Is mightily pleased
With my heart-garden.

17 World Harmony Run ...

World Harmony Run
Means the beauty
Of the universal heart
And the fragrance
Of the transcendental soul.

3 January 2007 ...

3 January 2007

Varna, Bulgaria

18 Hope Is At Once ...

Hope is at once
Sweeter than the sweetest
Stronger than the strongest.

19 Time ...

The human in us.

20 Time ...

The divine in us.

21 The Mind ...

The mind
Wants war.
The hand
Supports it.

22 Open Your Heart! ...

Open your heart!
Close your lips!
This is how a seeker
Must speak to God.

23 Explore, Explore! ...

Explore, explore!
Very soon
You will be able to knock
At God’s Heart-Door.

24 Each Day Is My ...

Each day is my

25 As The Highest Height ...

As the highest height
Is for us,
Even so, the lowest abyss
Is against us.

4 January 2007 ...

4 January 2007

Varna, Bulgaria