Editor's note

Sri Chinmoy offered the following prayers during his visit to Qingdao, China in December 2004.

24 December 2004

Qingdao, China

1 May My Life Be A Heart ...

May my life be a heart
Of humility-flower.

2 My Lord ...

My Lord,
How can we ever deserve
Your Love,
How can we?

3 My Lord ...

My Lord,
You do not need me
For anything,
But to give me importance
In Your Mission,
You make me feel
That I am indispensable.

4 Not Through Mere Words ...

Not through mere words,
But by constant selfless actions
I must please my Lord.

5 My Lord Wants Me To Communicate ...

My Lord wants me to communicate
With my brothers and sisters
Of the world
With tremendous affection,
Love and concern.

6 Every Day ...

Every day
A new lotus petal
Is blossoming
In my heart of aspiration.

7 Every Day ...

Every day
I must give a most beautiful smile
To my Beloved Supreme,
And also receive from Him
His most beautiful Smile.

8 Every Day ...

Every day
Can be a golden opportunity
To transform my mind
And purify my life.

9 I Try And Try And Try ...

I try and try and try
To follow the stars
Of my heart-sky.

10 Self-Offering ...

Without expectation
Is a happier than the happiest

11 My Lord Is Telling Me ...

My Lord is telling me
That happier and brighter days
Are ahead of me.

12 As Long As I Can Offer ...

As long as I can offer
Any kind of service
To my Lord Supreme,
I shall be extremely happy.

13 My Lord Teaches Me ...

My Lord teaches me
How to take giant strides
Towards His
Peace-Bliss-flooded Abode.