Editor's note

Sri Chinmoy offered the following prayers during his visit to Penang, Malaysia in February 2006.

2 February 2006

Penang, Malaysia

1 When My Soul Meditates ...

When my soul meditates
Inside my heart,
My entire being
Gets a tremendous thrill.

2 The Necessity Of Speed ...

The necessity of speed
In everything
Is of paramount importance.

3 Without Sincerity ...

Without sincerity,
Nobody can fulfil
God’s Will.

4 The Mind Does Not Want ...

The mind does not want
To know
What the Truth is.

5 Do Not Be Afraid ...

Do not be afraid
Of weaknesses.
They are not everlasting.

6 How Can One Deny ...

How can one deny
God’s Existence forever?

7 An Aspiration-Empty Heart ...

An aspiration-empty heart
Our God-connection.

8 The Blame-Game ...

The blame-game
Is at once
Easy and dangerous.

9 My Heart-Tears ...

My heart-tears
Are treasured
By the golden dawn.

10 I Immediately Avoid ...

I immediately avoid
All my backward-looking

11 My Heart-Lotus ...

My heart-lotus
Is opening to God,
Petal by petal.

3 February 2006 ...

3 February 2006

Penang, Malaysia

12 When I Offer My Aspiration-Heart ...

When I offer my aspiration-heart
To God,
He blesses me
With His Satisfaction-Smile-Garden.