Editor's note

Sri Chinmoy offered the following prayers during his visit to Kijal and Penang, Malaysia in January and February 2006.

24 January 2006

Kijal, Malaysia

1 We Need Both ...

We need both
The tears of the heart
And the smiles of the soul
To perfect our lives.

2 Nothing ...

Can be compared
To God’s sweet Whispers.

3 If You Are Not ...

If you are not
Firmly on the path,
How can you succeed?

4 God’s Closeness ...

God’s Closeness
Depends on
Our heart’s openness.

5 A Child’s Heart ...

A child’s heart
Draws immediate attention
From God’s Eye and Heart.

6 Meditation Has The Capacity ...

Meditation has the capacity
To take us far beyond the domain
Of sorrows and sufferings.

7 My Lord ...

My Lord,
One good look
Is all that I need
From You.

8 To Follow The Mind ...

To follow the mind
Is the height of stupidity.

9 To Follow The Heart ...

To follow the heart
Is to sing ecstasy-songs.

10 A Fountain-Heart ...

A fountain-heart
Will forever remain

25 January 2006 ...

25 January 2006

Kijal, Malaysia

11 Opportunities ...

Are God’s Blessings.
Do not miss them!

12 I Beg You, My Lord ...

I beg You, my Lord,
With all my heart,
To scold me mercilessly
When I do something wrong.