13 This Morning ...

This morning
When I woke up,
I was so excited to see
That I woke up in the Heart
Of my Lord Supreme.

15 January 2004 ...

15 January 2004

Legian, Bali, Indonesia

14 My Lord Supreme ...

My Lord Supreme,
May my heart follow You,
Your Eye and Your Heart
Wherever You go.

15 My Lord Supreme ...

My Lord Supreme,
I have only one prayer:
Do make my heart
As beautiful and pure
As the morning sunrise.

16 My Outer Life ...

My outer life
Faces the world.
My inner life
Embraces the world.

17 Genuine And Authentic Spirituality ...

Genuine and authentic spirituality
Knows no
Outer world-cleverness-compromise.

18 Occult Power ...

Occult power
Is quite often
Drastic and volcanic.

19 Spiritual Power ...

Spiritual power
Is always pure
And absolutely sure.

17 January 2004 ...

17 January 2004

Legian, Bali, Indonesia

20 Action, Action — ...

Action, action —
Preferably heart-action —
All the time!

21 The Temple Of God Abides ...

The Temple of God abides
Inside our life-breath
And nowhere else.

22 My Lord ...

My Lord,
If You have a moment to spare,
I have so many things
To tell You —
Specially all about You.

23 Every Day I Feel ...

Every day I feel
My Lord is coming
Closer to me,
For I am constantly singing
His Victory-Song.

18 January 2004 ...

18 January 2004

Legian, Bali, Indonesia

24 To Have More Inner Blessings ...

To have more inner Blessings
From our Lord Supreme,
We must reduce
Our outer desires.