Editor's note

Sri Chinmoy offered the following prayers during his visit to Malaysia in February 2002.

3 February 2002 ...

3 February 2002

Sabah, Malaysia

1 A Birthday ...

A birthday
Is the blossoming
Of a new

2 The World Demands ...

The world demands
The very best from me.

3 My Lord Desires ...

My Lord desires
To have
Everything of mine.

4 The Final And Last Choice ...

The final and last choice
Has to be made here and now.
No more chances
Shall be granted.

5 Not My Outer Belief ...

Not my outer belief,
But my inner faith
That decides who God is,
Where God is
And what God actually expects
From my life.

6 The Outer Success ...

The outer success
Reaches the fleeting

7 The Inner Progress ...

The inner progress
Reaches the abiding

8 What We Have ...

What we have
Is a false outer smile.
What we need
Is a sincere inner cry.

9 An Open Mind ...

An open mind
Is a very rare achievement.
A God-surrender-life
Is a God-achievement.

4 February 2002 ...

4 February 2002

Sabah, Malaysia

10 I Must Examine ...

I must examine
The beauty and fragrance
Of my own happiness-heart
Before I offer them
To humanity’s heart.

11 My Knowledge-Light ...

My knowledge-light
Is the quantity-beggar.
My wisdom-delight
Is the quality-chooser.
My Lord Supreme tells me
Not to worry.
He will gladly take care of
The beggar in me
And the chooser in me.
I just have to love Him only
And need Him only.